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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Speech Therapy

Hey guys! St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and you can BET that I’ll be celebrating this fun holiday in my speech therapy room!

Here are few activities you can try with your students…

1) If you’re working on basic concepts, try this activity out to teach “more” vs “less”. We just used construction paper and glue!

2. I’ve been on a roll with creating following directions sets, and my students are LOVING this St. Patrick’s Day packet. You can grab it here. (This packet is also available in the holiday bundle. For seasonal themes, check this out). 

3. Leprechaun tic-tac-toe is so legit. This is easy to make. Laminate the board so you can write in any target you wish! We worked on vocalic /r/, but you could just as easily target idioms, categories, or anything else your heart desires!

…oh, and P.S. … CHECK BACK SOON. I’ve been working hard with some SLP blogging buddies to bring you something special for St. Patty’s Day.

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