Speech Therapy Room Decor

Alright, I am finally ready to show you all what my Speech Room looks like!
Step right on in for the grand tour of speech:

This school year, I decided to go with a green, silver and black color theme. Okay, fine… a green, silver, black and SPARKLE color theme. By the time I had finished hanging up all of my glitter ribbon and my glitter name desk magnets, there was pretty much glitter everywhere.
I made the “Speech Therapy” banner hanging down over my board (okay… I bought a do-it-yourself kit at Pat Catan’s, and used my mother-in-law’s white sticker letters).
The awesome”I Can” bulletin board I purchased from Natalie Snyders on TPT here. I surrounded it with sparkling (duh) silver ribbon and green and white chevron ribbon.
Here is another view of the “I Can” Bulletin Board and my “Speech Therapy” banner…

Here is a picture of my other bulletin board. I like to think that I have a special talent for choosing the nerdiest word puns possible…

And last, here is the picture of the “Everything Tub” that you NEED at your work station. This tub is for you, SLPs. I keep everything in it that I use while working with students, such as: a visual timer, a dry erase board, dry erase markers, pens, dice, highlighters, sticky notes… you name it, it’s probably in there!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this stunning visual tour of my Speech Therapy Room ;-)!

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