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Effective Speech Therapy Materials That Save You Hours of Prep Time

You shouldn’t be spending hours each week trying to plan for therapy.

When you have a huge caseload and very little time to plan and prepare for therapy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed- and guilty because all those things on your “to do” list were left unchecked. Because of all the paperwork and other tasks you have, you’ve barely had time to even focus on the most important piece of your job: providing therapy. You end up spending hours of precious time in your evenings doing more “work” tasks when you should be relaxing.

You start to wonder if you’re not the best SLP.

Can I ease your mind a little bit?

The truth is, it’s really stressful trying to provide individualized therapy for every child on your caseload, with everything else you’ve got going on at work. Meetings, testing, piles and piles of paperwork.

You’re not bad at your job. In fact, you’re amazing: you just need the right time-saving tools.

In fact, you deserve them.

The Pedi Speechie has the ready-to-go therapy activities you need. As a certified speech-language pathologist, I’ve rigorously tested every resource I create in my own therapy room- so you can trust that these activities will get results. I create your engaging lessons and activities so you can do what you do best: provide incredible speech therapy services.


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Improve Your Sessions

When you have ready-to-go structured plans and activities, you’ll love the results.

Engage Your Students

No more boring worksheets- your students will ask to do these activities again and again.

Save Hours of Prep TIme

Having low prep materials readily available will improve all aspects of your life.

I know what it feels like to try to come up with new therapy activities each week. Join the thousands of SLPs who have seen results and saved precious time using The Pedi Speechie materials.

At The Pedi Speechie, I know that you want to provide the best speech therapy possible. In order to do that, you need time to research, plan, and prepare. The problem is that so many other tasks at your job (paperwork, meetings, etc.) make it difficult to do this, and you get overwhelmed and stressed. Oftentimes, you lack the resources you need and you’re spending hours of time outside of work so that you can help your students.

I believe that you should have the speech and language resources you need at your fingertips so you can get more accomplished in therapy without the additional stress and workload. I understand that high caseload sizes and complex and individualized student needs can make your job as a pediatric or school SLP daunting. I have over 10 years of experience in pediatric outpatient and school SLP settings, and have rigorously tested my materials and activities in my own therapy room- so you can trust that The Pedi Speechie resources will help your speech and language students make progress, and allow you to find that work-home life balance that you deserve.