My name is Karen, and I am pediatric Speech Language Pathologist!

I have a wonderful husband and this awesome beagle-boston mix named Moo.

I have experience working in elementary school, middle school, and pediatric outpatient settings.

I currently work in both an outpatient and elementary school setting.

I absolutely love working with children, and feel so blessed that I have the ability to make a difference in my community.

I have attended Sandra Holtzman’s 28 hour ceu course in Orofacial Myology and AAC courses (LAMP).

I absolutely LOVE learning, which brings me to my other interests.
When I’m not speeching, I am super into medieval history, and LOVE reading books on that topic! I also have a huge love for food, and try to eat a paleo diet when possible (but I’m the first to admit it- I’m not perfect!) Although this blog began as just a speech therapy blog, don’t be surprised if you see posts on my fav paleo eats, what I’m reading, and what chaos the dog has caused this week.

My husband and I are HUGE Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings fans (super nerds- I know, I know).

You can find me on pinterest quite a bit (actually, you literally can access my pinterest board here).

I also enjoy shopping, attempting to cook, and eating healthy!
I also sometimes work out. But only sometimes.

Some of my favorite things