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4 Beneficial (and Easy) Voicing Speech Therapy Activities for SLPs To Try

Searching for some effective voicing speech therapy activities? Speech-language pathologists often need voicing activities when working with young children or school-aged children who have articulation or phonological disorders. This article provides suggestions for voicing activities. Speech production can be impacted by a phonological disorder, and voicing can negatively impact the intelligibility of speech sound production….

5 Simple (But Effective) SN Words Speech Therapy Activities
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5 Simple (But Effective) SN Words Speech Therapy Activities

Speech-language pathologists looking for sn words speech therapy activities and word lists will want to bookmark this post! Young children with speech sound disorders often need to work on producing s blends in speech therapy. S blends can occur in the initial position, medial position, and final position of words. Speech production intelligibility is very…

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The BEST Gliding Activities for Speech Therapy

If you are a speech language pathologist working with children who have articulation disorders or phonological disorders, chances are you’re always on the lookout for engaging gliding speech therapy activities! Keep on reading, because this article provides suggestions for gliding speech therapy activities, as well as some tips and tricks to try out during speech…


The Different Phonological Processes (List for SLPs)

Speech pathologists working with younger children will very likely treat phonological disorders. Part of the process of correcting phonology errors involves understanding the different phonological processes, or speech pattern simplifications, that children may use. This article explains the most common phonological processes and provides examples for SLPs. What is a Phonological Disorder? Phonological errors are…