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Simple St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Activities

Do you need St. Patrick’s Day speech therapy activities or ideas? Lucky you! This blog post has your speech therapy session planned. In this blog post, I’m going to share my absolute favorite St. Patrick’s Day speech therapy activities and ideas. I’m grouping this post by grade levels (preschool, elementary, and middle school), so that you can easily find what activities will best suit your caseload needs. I hope you’re feeling lucky- because your speech therapy sessions are already planned out! 

Preschool Speech Therapy Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

FREE St. Patrick’s Day Story

Engage your preschool speech therapy students with this fun St. Patrick’s Day book that doubles as a song! If you’ve had enough coffee and you’re ready to go all out this St. Patrick’s Day in speech therapy, you can sing the words in this book to “The Ants Go Marching”. Your students won’t even mind if you don’t have a great singing voice, I promise. Mine don’t! You can download this St. Patrick’s Day freebie here. You can search the hashtag term #SLPSTPATRICKHOP on TeachersPayTeachers to find companion activities that pair with this St. Patrick’s Day book.

St. Patrick’s Day Books for Preschool Speech Therapy

Do you need some more book ideas to pair with a St. Patrick’s Day theme in your speech therapy sessions? One of my favorite books is “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover”, by Lucille Colandro. If you aren’t familiar with the Old Lady book series, you’ll definitely want to look into it! In this story, the Old Lady swallows a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day items in order to make a pot of gold at the end of the story.

Elmo’s Lucky Day” by Andrea Posner-Sanchez is another cute St. Patrick’s Day book idea. This one is a little bit quicker to read. You could pair this book with core vocabulary. You also could add in your own sounds and exclamations while reading (such as “Oh no!”, “Oh my!”, and “Wow!”). Try modeling gestures while reading this story, like shaking your head “no” when telling Cookie Monster to not eat the clover.

St. Patrick’s Following Directions Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten Speech Therapy Students

Are you working on following directions with your speech therapy students? If so, try these engaging St. Patrick’s Day Following Directions activity task cards. There are a lot of concepts embedded within these directions. For example, temporal (or time) vocabulary concepts are used. An example would be “AFTER you point to the leprechauns, point to the harp.” Other concepts that are included are inclusion (“Point to ALL of the harps”), sequence (“Point to the leprechaun that is FIRST in line”), and location (“Point to the TOP of the harp”).

st patricks day speech therapy activity

This is a fun, themed resource for students who need to work on following directions with embedded basic concepts. You’ll be using these the entire month of March, I promise!

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Elementary Speech Therapy Students

Next, let’s discuss some fun St. Patrick’s Day activities to use with your elementary students.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Elementary Students

This St. Patrick’s Day activity packet is filled with leprechauns, pots of gold, and tons of green and gold. What you will love MOST about this resource, however, is the fact that it is NO PREP. You can simply print ‘n go.

This packet is perfect for individual or small group work. Use it along with motivators, such as mini erasers, chips, tokens, stickers, paint daubers, or markers!

You can target so many different areas, including:

  • regular plurals
  • irregular plurals
  • regular past tense
  • irregular past tense
  • pronouns
  • creating sentences
  • spatial vocabulary
  • defining and describing
  • story retell
  • and more!

St. Patrick’s Day Upper Elementary Speech Therapy Activities

Another favorite elementary speech therapy resource with a St. Patrick’s Day theme is this no prep worksheet packet. It is designed with your 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students in mind.

Marja, SLP, said, “I love the “print and go” ease of this product; something easy to grab for St. Patrick Day activities. It’s nice to have some things for my older elementary kids on this holiday too!”

St. Patrick’s Day Articulation Ideas and Activities for Speech Therapy

Tic Tac Toe Articulation Activity for Speech Therapy

Why not create a giant, dry erase Articulation Tic Tac Toe game with a St. Patrick’s Day theme? I created mine using a paper die cutter machine. I used a paper cutter to cut out stips of green construction paper. Then, I glued them together to create a giant articulation board. I laminated it so I could write the articulation words on the board using a dry erase marker. To make things really themed, the Tic Tac Toe pieces were also St. Partick’s Day themed. I created “gold coins” (which were really just circles created out of yellow construction paper), and green shamrocks. If you don’t a have a shamrock die cutter option, just make green circles!

st patrick's day articulation activity

St. Patrick’s Day Articulation Words for Vocalic R

I created an articulation word list for vocalic R with a St. Patrick’s Day theme! You could pair this list with the tic-tac-toe St. Patrick’s Day activity pictured above. These articulation word lists are perfect to use with your upper elementary students.

Some examples of St. Patrick’s Day articulation words I like to use are:

  • Blarney stone
  • celebrate
  • corned beef
  • clover
  • harp
  • Irish

You can get your free St. Patrick’s Day Articulation Words for Speech Therapy here.

st patricks day speech therapy articulation

Middle School St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Activities

I know this age group can be tricky to find materials for. However, I DID promise that you’ll be feeling lucky that you found this blog post!

I have a very engaging middle school St. Patrick’s Day resource available in my TpT store. There are so many St. Patrick’s Day activities in this packet, it will last you almost the entire month of March! Plus, your speech therapy students will be all about it!

Areas targeted in this packet include:

  • describing
  • homonyms
  • idioms
  • categories
  • analogies
  • negation
  • past tense verbs
  • cause and effect
  • story elements
  • comprehension

Describing Activity for Middle School

First, I included a St. Patrick’s Day describing activity. This is interactive and fun! Your speech therapy students will get to describe a leprechaun. This resource could easily be paired with articles explaining a little bit about leprechauns and the history of St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a St. Patrick’s Day article you could look at.

You could have them write down the category or group that a leprechaun is in. You could talk about what leprechauns do, where you find them, what they look like, and other fun facts! An example would be writing statements such as:

  • category: “A leprechaun is a magical creature, or fairy.”
  • object function: “A leprechaun enjoys playing tricks on others.”
  • location: “Leprechauns are difficult to find. They are good at hiding.”
  • appearance: “A leprechaun looks like a small man with a beard. Leprechauns wear green.”
  • fun facts: “Leprechauns are mischievious!”
st patricks day speech therapy activity

Story Elements Activity and Worksheet

This fun worksheet doubles as an interactive activity for your middle school speech therapy students! Create a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and use with ANY St. Patrick’s Day story. There is a story included on the pot of gold worksheet. Your student can read the story during speech therapy, then cut out the rainbow. They fill out the story elements, then they glue the rainbow onto the page. They will need to identify the characters in the story (Liam the Leprechaun and his mother), the setting (Ireland), explain the order of events (first, next, then, last), and explain the lesson learned (he’s wasted too much time each year searching endlessly for the gold).

st patricks day speech therapy activity

St. Patrick’s Day Homonyms for Speech Therapy

Do you need an activity to work on homonyns? What I typically do is create sentences that have a St. Patrick’s Day theme that have homonyms embedded within the sentence. I then have my student circle the correct homonym to complete the sentence.

Here are a few examples you could try with your students:

  • The leprechaun herd / heard there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • We will roam / Rome around the field of four leaf clovers.
  • The leprechaun side / sighed in despair when he couldn’t find the pot of gold.

If you want a ready- to-go worksheet to work on homonyms, it is included in my middle school St. Patrick’s Day resource.

st patricks day speech therapy activity

I hope you’re feeling SLP lucky!

It is my hope that this blog post inspired you and provided you with some EASY St. Patrick’s day speech therapy ideas and activities to use in therapy with your students.

Have an amazing, LUCKY St. Patrick’s Day!

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