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Read This Quick List of 9 Neither Nor Sentences Examples

Are you a speech-language pathologist, intervention specialist, or teacher searching for neither nor sentences examples? This blog post defines correlative conjunctions. It provides example sentences using a variety of different correlative conjunctions, as well as different ideas for teaching conjunctions. Understanding how to use conjunctions isn’t just important for formal writing skills. This is an important skill for understanding sentence structure and overall language development.

Need a list of neither nor sentences examples? Check out this blog post

Correlative Conjunctions Definition

Correlative conjunctions are pairs of connecting words that join two equal sentence parts. 

The prefix ‘co’ means ‘with’ or ‘joined’.

An example of a correlative conjunction pair is “neither… nor”.

A correlative conjunction pair may be used to make either a negative statement or a positive statement.

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Common Mistakes When Using Correlative Conjunctions

There are different rules to consider when using correlative conjunctions.

When using correlative conjunctions in sentences, be sure that subjects agree, verbs agree, and the elements being connected have the same grammatical form. 

In the following sentences, two nouns (i.e. the parallel structure) are joined together using the correlative conjunctions, both…and.

Both dogs and cats take naps.

Both Amy and Megan play soccer.

Read more about common mistakes here.


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Here are 2 sentence structure activities to try in speech therapy or special education. This blog post also includes neither nor sentences examples

Correlative Conjunctions List

The following examples are correlative conjunction word pairs:

  • either/ or
  • neither/ nor
  • not only/ but also
  • both/ and
  • whether/ or
  • rather/ than


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Correlative Conjunctions Example Sentences

Here are a few quick examples of correlative conjunctions to get us started!

  • I will either go to the party or go to the basketball game.
  • Both Megan and Kate feel sick.
  • I will not only study but also go to bed early.

Neither/ Nor – A Negative Conjunction Pair

Neither… nor conjunctions are used to convey negative ideas. 

You may use these sentences to show two options that are not true or will not happen.

This is different than other correlative conjunction pairs, such as both/ and or not only/ but also, which have a more positive connotation.

Neither Nor Sentences Examples

Check out these “negative sentences” using the correlative conjunctions “neither/ nor”.

And remember, you need to use verb agreement, subject agreement, and parallel structure.

So if you have two singular subjects, you need a singular verb.

  1. Neither Adam nor Mike studied for the test.
  2. I will neither eat the salad nor eat the broccoli.
  3. Neither her sister nor her mom want to go shopping.
  4. He will neither play basketball nor play hockey.
  5. Jack is neither kind nor quiet.
  6. Neither the blue dress nor the pink dress were chosen. 
  7. Jane is neither a doctor nor a teacher.
  8. Neither Amy nor Alyssa went to the party.
  9. Neither Kara nor Kim went on a run.

Coordinating Conjunctions and Subordinating Conjunctions

In addition to correlative conjunctions, there are also coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

Coordinating conjunctions are conjunctions that join words, parts of speech, or clauses of equal importance together. 

So, a coordatinating conjunction would be used to join one independent clause to another.

​Examples of coordinating conjunctions include forandnorbutoryet, and so.

This blog post provides an example of a compound sentence that is created using FANBOYS coordinating conjunctions.

Dependent clauses usually start with a subordinating conjunction. A dependent clause is also known as a subordinate clause.  

Examples of subordinating conjunctions include afteras soon asbecausealthough, and until

Conjunctions Worksheets and Activities

Are you looking for conjunctions worksheets or activities to use with your students? 

Check out the following recommendations for various ways to teach conjunctions to your students.

This image shows two conjunctions worksheets for speech therapy or special education.

Middle School Conjunctions Worksheets

Need a better way to engage your older students?

These Middle School Conjunctions Worksheets target creating sentences using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.

The graphics used are appropriate for older students.

The worksheets are interactive and no prep.

Grab some dice and get ready to work on sentence constructions with your students!

Entire Year of Grammar and Sentence Structure

SLPs know that teaching syntax is a good choice.

This is because of the impact of understanding sentences on reading comprehension

Therefore, I like to ensure that my students analyze a variety of sentence structures, and really understand how sentence parts work together to form meaning.

I do this using the Entire Year of Grammar and Sentence Structure.

This program allows you to build skills from the ground up and fill in any gaps of missing knowledge.

Cecilia C. reviewed, “This has been very helpful for teaching my students who struggle with grammar. Sentence diagramming gives my students a visual way to see and understand how the parts of a sentence work together and I’ve seen so much improvement since using this resource with them.”

This is a powerful resource for use in individual sessions or small group.


In summary, this article provided examples of sentences containing the correlative conjunction pair neither…nor.

Scroll up to see neither nor sentences examples.

It also recommended grammar and sentence structure activities to try using with your students:

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