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10+ Amazing Preschool Speech Therapy Games, Toys, and Activities

This blog post recommends 10 exciting preschool speech therapy games and toys to try with your students! Games can be a fun way for speech-language pathologists to target receptive and expressive language skills, as well as articulation skills. Simple games can provide engaging ways to work on joint attention, cause and effect, and new words….

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Core Vocabulary Speech Therapy: Get Started Guide for SLPs

Are you wondering how to use core vocabulary in speech therapy? Are you not quite sure what core vocabulary is, and why you might want to consider addressing it in your speech and language therapy sessions? In this blog post, I’m sharing a “get started” guide for SLPs interested in using core vocabulary in speech…

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AAC Speech Therapy Activities

With any type of therapy, sometimes you just find activities that really work. I was thinking the other day about some of my favorite moments so far in my career as a Speech- Language Pathologist. Specifically, I recalled my favorite therapy sessions involving AAC speech therapy activities. Sometimes, you plan and plan and plan… and…

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Core Words in Speech Therapy

Using core words in speech therapy can be a very important component when helping our speech and language students become more efficient communicators. The problem? Most SLPs have huge caseloads- and even larger paperwork piles. That means we can’t be the only ones involved when it comes to modeling and teaching core words to our…