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The Best Speech Therapy Worksheets for School SLPs

Are you a speech-language pathologist looking for speech therapy worksheets to use during your speech therapy sessions? These articulation and language worksheets provide engaging worksheets for targeting a variety of speech sounds and for implementing receptive and expressive language instruction. These printable resources target specific communication skills. They can be used with students who exhibit receptive or expressive language disorders, as well as articulation disorders. There is a mix of resource types recommended in this article.

Looking for the best speech therapy worksheets? Try using these speech therapy worksheets with your students to address articulation and language goals

Entire School Year of Speech Therapy Worksheets Bundle

What if I shared a little… or actually, kind of huge, secret?

Okay, here it is.

​Because honestly, this should not be kept a secret.

Introducing the Speech Therapy Worksheets Bundle which provides worksheets and activities to get you through an entire school year.

No, seriously.

An entire school year of speech therapy language and articulation worksheets and activities.

Speech-language pathologists can target a diverse range of specific skills.

Let’s discuss.

This article recommends the best speech therapy worksheets that school SLPs can use to target articulation and language skills

Beginning of the Year Speech Therapy Worksheets

Start the school year off smoothly with the First Day in Speech worksheets, or print out the Back to School Speech Therapy Worksheets.

Either way, you’ll be able to target a variety of objectives while simultaneously getting to know any new students!

This picture shows a first day in speech therapy worksheet that could be used at the beginning of the school year in a speech and language therapy session.

Fall-Themed Speech Therapy Worksheets

In the fall, you’ll be able to pull out these Fall-Themed Following Directions worksheets. 

You can address basic and multi-step directions with these fun worksheets.

You’ll also want to use these Fall-Themed Basic Grammar Worksheets to target grammar goals

These worksheets target

  • pronouns
  • understanding sentences
  • regular plurals
  • past tense verbs
  • subject-verb agreement
  • and more!
This picture shows a fall-themed basic grammar worksheet for speech therapy. This worksheet targets pronouns

Halloween Speech Therapy Activities

Do your students need extra practice with receptive and expressive language skills, including spatial concepts, vocabulary, comprehension, main idea and details, and idioms?

If so, these Halloween Speech Therapy Worksheets, which are included in the Entire Year of Speech Therapy Worksheets Bundle, should definitely be part of your speech therapy program! 

Jenny’s Speech Corner reviewed, “SO many great pages of Halloween! My hybrid group loved the reading/listening comprehension stories. Simple enough, yet challenging enough. I was happy to be able to complete something in a 30 minute session. The articulation open ended sheet it great too!” 

This picture shows a Halloween speech therapy following directions activity to target sequence concepts

Speech therapists can also target open-ended holiday articulation, as well as an assortment of expressive or receptive language goals.

​Winter Speech Therapy Activities

Need a fun way to target different sounds?

Little hands can will love coloring a themed book with target words!

While not technically strictly worksheets, these k and g articulation and f, s, sh, ch articulation activities for winter will become valuable resources in your speech therapy room.

Winter-themed word lists for articulation are also provided, making these perfect for preschool and elementary articulation.

This picture shows a winter articulation word list for articulation. Speech therapists could use this during a speech and language session to target s words in speech therapy.

And, of course, these winter activities are included in the Entire Year of Speech Therapy Worksheets Bundle.

Spring Worksheets for Speech and Language Therapy

​Try out these fun spring-themed language activities with your speech therapy students!

Target basic grammar (including pronouns, plurals, and past tense verbs) with no prep, low ink worksheets.

Tara M. reviewed, “Fun using this resource in the spring with most of my caseload!!”

This picture shows a regular past tense verbs worksheet that could be used during a speech therapy session. It has a spring theme.

Easter Worksheets for Speech and Language Therapy

Of course, speech therapists can also use these no-prep Easter Worksheets during April!

These worksheets cover skill areas such as spatial concepts, inclusion, temporal concepts (before and after), vocabulary, conjunctions, and wh- questions.

P.S. Here are even more exciting Easter activities for speech

Summer Speech Therapy Worksheets

In the summer, you’ll want to check out these Summer Basic Grammar Worksheets.

Midwest SLP reviewed, “I love these handouts so much! They are so easy and simple for parents. Fun and interesting for kiddos! Thank you!”

And, if working on articulation of sounds, these summer-themed speech sound worksheets are beneficial for students with phonological disorders or CAS.

Home Practice Calendars and Carryover Ideas

​This bundle also includes some fantastic- and easy- ways to encourage home practice of communication skills.

There are monthly open-ended articulation calendars and receptive and expressive language calendars. 

And for students in special education and speech therapy working on core vocabulary, these core vocabulary handouts for parents will be beneficial.

P.S. Check out the Core Vocabulary Get-Started Guide for SLPs.

Entire Year of Sentence Structure Worksheets and Activities

Looking for an effective way to target sentence structure with your students?

​This Entire Year of Grammar and Sentence Structure Bundle is the answer.

It provides an organized, comprehension program for targeting foundational sentence structure skills.

The bundle includes a version for 2nd grade and 3rd grade that includes speech therapy worksheets to target skills such as:

  • grammar review
  • identifying parts of speech and sentence parts within sentences
  • sentence fill-in tasks
  • arranging scrambled words into meaningful sentences
  • sentence diagramming
This picture shows a sentence structure activity for speech therapy that targets compound sentences.

There is also an option for older students (such as upper elementary, 4th, 5th, and  6th grade).

Cierra C. reviewed, “This resource has been such a life saver for me!  It takes the guesswork out of planning for targeting those grammar goals in sessions! I love how it walks students through the various definitions of terms throughout each lesson and how each lesson builds upon each other!  My students have been so engaged with these lessons!”

Check out this article for even more lesson plans to use during your speech therapy sessions.

Middle School Speech Therapy Worksheets Bundle

Middle school SLPs… here is the bundle you’ve been searching for. 

Even if you didn’t know it. 

This bundle is no-prep and includes high-interest topics. 

One day you might discuss Greek gods

This picture shows a middle school speech therapy worksheet that targets vocabulary skills.

In the next speech therapy session, you might talk about haggis or the Loch Ness Monster.

It promotes interesting discussions and includes age-appropriate materials for the middle school crowd.

Articulation and Language Skills Targeted:

  • Carryover articulation
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar and sentence structure
  • Synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words
  • Idioms
  • and more!

Judith H. reviewed, “I have to say, my students found the carryover reading passages to be extremely engaging. Each day they would want to know what we were going to read about the next day. Definitely one of the best resources that I have purchased for my middle school kids.”

​Semantic Relationships Worksheets

Finally, speech therapists need to know about these Semantic Relationships Worksheets.

​Mario R. reviewed, “What a great resource to target semantic relationships with older kiddos in speech sessions! I actually ended up giving many students goals working around questions on these sheets, I found them very helpful and informative. Highly recommend!”

This picture shows a semantic relationships worksheet for speech therapy

Your students will target concepts such as sequential-temporal, passive voice, spatial relationships, and comparative relationships.

Get ready to challenge your upper elementary and middle school speech therapy students!


​In conclusion, this article recommended a huge selection of speech therapy worksheets to target articulation and language skills.

Speech-Language Pathologists may wish to take a look at the following worksheets and activity sets:

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