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The Top 10 Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists often work “on the fly”- but sometimes it can be really nice to have a solid therapy plan for your speech therapy sessions! In this blog post, you’ll learn about 10 speech therapy lesson plans that will easily allow you to target your students’ goals. Need a formal lesson plan to work on grammar and sentence structure and increase expressive language skills? How about an effective treatment plan to correct a lisp or vocalic r errors? Keep reading, because these fun activities will provide detailed plans and be the perfect way to work on speech and language skills in the outpatient or school setting! The 10 best language and articulation resources to work on communication skills are listed, so your speech therapy lesson planning is all finished!


Grammar and Sentence Structure for Grades 2-3

If you’ve been wanting to teach syntax in a more structured way in therapy, here’s your ticket! These grammar and sentence structure lesson plans for speech therapy are a great way to provide explicit grammar and sentence structure instruction. Speech therapists don’t have to wonder “where to start” anymore! This lesson plan format allows the school slp to slowly and carefully teach grammar and syntax skills. There are a total of 11 lessons that build on each other. Each lesson provides a teaching sheet for the SLP, a sentence scramble worksheet, an “identifying parts of speech” worksheet, a sentence fill-in worksheet, and 2 sentence diagramming printables. In addition, there is an open-ended adjectives describing sheet, sorting mats to target subject vs verb, and cut-out vocabulary words to use with the sentence diagram visuals.


Your students will learn all about simple sentences (subjects and action verbs), compound subjects, compound verbs, adjectives, adverbs, modifiers (possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns), predicate adjectives, direct objects, prepositional phrases, indirect objects, and complex sentences. These engaging activities will allow your students to understand sentence structure better than ever before! This program is available as part of the Grammar and Sentence Structure Bundle.


Grammar and Sentence Structure for Grades 4-5

You’re in the right place if you’re a speech therapist looking for a simple, effective way to teach grammar and syntax skills to your older students. Speech language pathologists know that teaching grammar and sentence structure to students with language delays is important because research shows it impacts reading comprehension. However, it can be overwhelming, and many speech therapists aren’t sure where to start.

This resource is designed to fill in the missing gaps of knowledge in the areas of grammar and syntax for your upper elementary students. This resource is easy to use! There are 16 provided grammar and syntax lessons, and each one builds on to the next. Each lesson is provided in an organized, easy-to-follow, flip book layout. The first page provides a grammar review, the next allows your student to practice identifying parts of speech and sentence parts, the third targets manipulating sentences and sentence fill-in tasks, and the final page provides a sentence diagramming lesson. Take a closer look at the first lesson. You can absolutely bet your student’s classroom teacher is going to be thrilled to hear what you’re targeting in speech!


Areas targeted include simple sentences, compound subjects, compound verbs, modifiers (adjectives, adverbs, possessive nouns, possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns), predicate adjectives, predicate nominatives, direct objects, prepositional phrases, indirect objects, direct objects, and more! Check out this grammar and sentence structure resource (available in my tpt store), or look into purchasing the bundle.

Correct a Lisp Program

Need an effective way to target s and z with your articulation students? Spent way too much time scouring the internet for answers? Correcting a lisp can be very frustrating for both students and SLPs alike. It can feel very draining if you’re not seeing progress, session after session. However, there’s a better way to try than the traditional articulation method! Considering trying a new approach. This lisp program incorporates the basics of orofacial myology, and the best part is that it’s simple to use!


This program systematically takes you through all steps of correcting a lisp, and allows your student to make steady progress.

Any SLP will feel comfortable and confident correcting a lisp using this resource! It’s worked for hundreds of other SLPs, and it will work for you, too. This lisp program is also available as part of the Lisp and Vocalic R Bundle.

Correct Vocalic R Program

That dreaded r, am I right? Many SLPs dislike teaching the r sound in speech therapy. However, it’s very possible to be successful with teaching vocalic R in therapy! In fact, hundreds of SLPs have seen the difference this vocalic R program can make. Angela C., SLP, reviewed, “This is just what I needed for my R students! Thanks so much for a well organized, systematic approach.”

vocalic r speech therapy activities

What makes this program so unique? It’s based on the research of Sandra Holtzman- check out the CEU course here. You’ll find a comprehensive program that steadily builds on a child’s ability to produce the R sound. The school-based slp who is short on time will love the fact that there is literally no prep involved with this program. Simply print each activity and you’re all set. This R program is available as part of the Lisp and Vocalic R bundle.

No Prep Minimal Pairs Activity Sheets

Need ready-to-go weekly plans for your preschool students? If you are an SLP working with younger students in outpatient settings or a school system, it’s highly likely that you’re treating phonological disorders. Minimal pairs can be a very useful tool when correcting a phonological disorder. The reason these minimal pairs are unique, however, is that they include an actual lesson plan for each therapy session on one page! Each organized sheet includes an auditory bombardment list, an auditory discrimination or sorting activity with mouth visuals, and 6 minimal pair targets per page. You’ll be able to work on a variety of speech sounds and phonological processes using these ready-to-go phonology sheets.


To use these sheets, you’ll simply print out the target. For example, if your student is working to decrease fronting, you might choose the page that addresses t vs k final. You would start by reading the auditory bombardment word list. Your student does not repeat these words after you; instead, they simply listen. Next, your student can practice identifying which sound he heard when you say a word on the page. He can point to the mouth visual. You could even use mini erasers and “sort” them to the correct mouth picture after you say a word (“Which sound did you hear? Put the eraser on that mouth”). Finally, your student can practice saying the minimal pair target words on the page. For extra fun, laminate the page then let your student smash dough on each word after practicing it!

Basic Grammar Programs

The Basic Grammar Bundle is your answer to teaching regular past tense verbs and regular and irregular plurals in speech therapy! Perhaps your speech therapy student has an iep goal to use regular past tense verbs. This can be tricky, however, because the past tense suffixes (-d, -ed) can be pronounced in 3 different ways! Break everything down for your students using great visuals, interactive activities, and worksheets. Ashley I, SLP, reviewed this bundle and described it as ‘a super explicit way to teach plurals and past tense’. Check it out today, and easily have your grammar lesson plans at your fingertips!


Open-Ended Digital Book Companion

In need of some digital resources or book companions? Speech-language pathologists love this open-ended digital book companion because it can be used with any book. It provides simple visuals that help structure the speech therapy session. It allows the SLP to address story elements, story retell, cause and effect, and answering wh questions. You’ll want to use this along with all of your current book units. Please note that it provides a partially editable template; in other words, the SLP could type in the targeted WH questions for the story beforehand, but the clipart cannot be changed. This resource could be used in traditional therapy or during distance learning (speech teletherapy). This digital resource pairs with google drive; please note that The Pedi Speechie is in no way affiliated with Google, which is trademarked.

Turkey Bundle Book Companion

Love using book companions in speech therapy? This Turkey Bundle is the perfect book companion to use during the school year! It provides interactive, engaging activities to pair with a variety of beloved “Turkey” books, including Turkey Trouble and Turkey Claus (written by Wendi Silvano). You’ll be able to work on articulation goals, comprehension, story retell, spatial concepts, and more! Please note, this is not a stand-alone resource.  *You will need the books in order to use these companions. The books are not included.

Turkey book companion for speech therapy

Speech Therapy All Year Bundle

Do you really need an easy way to have all of your monthly plans- for the entire school year- sorted out? The themed activities and worksheets in the Speech Therapy All Year Bundle are the answer! Start the school year off with the Back to School Worksheets or the First Day in Speech Therapy printables. You can easily choose worksheets and printables to pair with a seasonal or holiday monthly theme. There are seasonal articulation activities, no prep holiday worksheets to target speech and language, and fall, winter, spring, and summer grammar worksheets! This bundle will provide engaging resources to use the entire year!

Upper Elementary Speech Therapy Bundle

If you work with upper elementary students, you’ll want to take a look at this season and holiday speech and language bundle! It includes no prep worksheets that target a variety of skills, such as following directions, conjunctions, listening for details, main idea, and more! Melanie, SLP, reviewed, “I use this with most of my students. They love the themed activities and I copy them on bright-colored copy paper. Thank you!!”

The Top 10 Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

Short on time and need a quick list of the top 10 lesson plans for speech therapy? Check out this list of activities to use with your speech therapy students:

  1. Entire Year of Grammar and Sentence Structure Activities for Speech Therapy (Grades 2-3) *also available as a bundle
  2. Entire Year of Grammar and Sentence Structure Activities for Speech Therapy (Grades 4-5) *also available as a bundle
  3. Correct that Lisp Program (also available in a bundle)
  4. Correct that R Program (also available in a bundle)
  5. Minimal Pairs Bundle
  6. The Basic Grammar Program for Speech Therapy
  7. Open-Ended Digital Book Companion for Speech Therapy
  8. “Turkey Trouble” Book Companion Bundle
  9. Speech Therapy All Year Bundle
  10. Upper Elementary Speech Therapy Bundle

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