8 Fantastic Easter Speech Therapy Activities and Ideas

Do you need Easter speech therapy activities or ideas? Look no further! This blog post has your speech therapy session planned. In this article, I’m going to share my absolute favorite Easter speech therapy activities and ideas for speech pathologists to use during therapy sessions. There are plenty of ideas for articulation and language, as well as suggestions for toys and games. Keep reading to check out these 8 fantastic Easter speech therapy activities and ideas!

This article suggests 8 fantastic Easter speech therapy activities for speech therapists to use during speech and language therapy sessions.

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Easter Speech Therapy Activity for Articulation

Try this engaging bunny articulation flip book activity! Your students will love creating their articulation flip books. Each flip book has a fun bunny theme and contains 5 target words in the initial position, medial position, and final position. There are a variety of speech sounds included! Your student can practice the following speech sounds: k, g, p, b, m, t, d, s, z, ch, and sh. The ideal age is preschool through second grade speech therapy students.

this is an easter articulation activity for speech pathologists to use in speech therapy with speech and language students

This Easter speech therapy articulation activity is easy to use. Simply print out the articulation flip book that targets the desired speech sound. Then, cut out and assemble the book. Staple the pages together. After that, your student can use markers or daubers for extra fun!

8 easter activities for speech therapy- includes resources to target articulation and language for preschool and elementary school speech therapy.

Easter Speech Therapy Book Companion

Are you a fan of the Turkey book series, written by Wendi Silvano? I sure am! Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter, written by Wendi Silvano, is a fun story that has Turkey sneakily participating in an Easter egg hunt while trying to win the eggstra special prize! Of course, Turkey puts on plenty of disguises along the way in order to win a prize to share with his animal friends!

This Easter Turkey book companion is the perfect way to target speech and language objectives after reading the story! Your students will have so much fun disguising Turkey while using the story retell slider. You will also be able to to work on other skill areas, such as comprehension, spatial concepts, and articulation. These Easter speech therapy activities are also included in the Turkey Book Companion Bundle!

This is an Easter speech therapy activity to target story retell that school SLPs can use during speech therapy sessions.

Please note: this resource is not a stand-alone product. You must have the book in order to use the activities.

Easter Speech Therapy Worksheets

Do you need some no prep, ready-to-go speech therapy worksheets with an Easter theme? This Easter Speech Therapy resource has you covered! School slps will love that every page is no prep and low ink.

First, speech language pathologists will simply choose the desired skill area. After that, print the worksheet and pair it with any motivating game. Keep reading for some Easter-themed game ideas!

A variety of skills are addressed in this resource, including basic concepts, main idea, comprehension, idioms, and conjunctions. This resource is also available in a year-round bundle.

This is an Easter speech therapy worksheet that targets spatial concepts and can be used with elementary speech therapy students.

Easter Grammar Activities for Speech Therapy

Your speech therapy students will love these Easter-themed grammar activities! If you are working on skill areas such as verb+ing, prepositions, plurals, and past tense, be sure to take a look at this fun resource.

Carrot cut-outs can be added to sensory bins, and play dough smash mats are included for extra fun! These activities will be the perfect addition to your Easter-themed speech and language units.

These are Easter grammar activities for speech therapy. They target prepositions and irregular plurals.

Easter Following Directions Activities

These Easter-themed following directions task cards are the perfect way to work on following spoken directions and understanding embedded basic concepts. Even better, it contains adorable clip art with an Easter theme!

I recommend printing the cards, laminating them, and cutting them out. This will allow you to reuse them each year. If you are short on time, you could also place them in a binder.

First, your student must listen to the spoken direction. Next, they must interpret, recall, and then follow the instruction. Each task card will contain a concept as well. For example, your student might be asked to “point to the flower that is BETWEEN the jellybeans.”

these are Easter following directions task cards that can be used in speech therapy sessions

This following directions resource includes 82 cards that target the following concepts:

  • inclusion concepts: all, and, all but one
  • sequence concepts: first, second, middle, last
  • location concepts: top, bottom, between, next to
  • time concepts: before, after, then, at the same time
  • correlative conjunctions: both…and, either…or, neither…nor, not only… but also

Please note, these task cards are also included in a following directions holiday bundle.

Egg, Carrot, Chicks, and Bunny Pop-Its

Do your students love using pop-its in speech therapy? They provide an easy way to get a TON of articulation trials in during speech therapy! Your student can simply say a target articulation word, then press the bubble to hear the POP!

This Easter Pop Its Set contains a green egg, orange carrot, yellow chick, and pink bunny.

Your OT might also love it if you turn this into a fine motor activity! One of my favorite COTAS that I used to co-treat with would place marbles in the spaces, then have students take the marbles out using tongs.

This provided such a fun way to work on core vocabulary such as more, in, and out. Just make sure to only try this with students who do not mouth objects, of course!

Bunny Game for Speech and Language

This Jumping Jack Game by Goliath is a ton of fun and can be paired with any engaging speech therapy activities. This game will be very motivating for your younger students- preschool through second grade. It can be used in small groups or during individual sessions.

Your student could practice a target articulation word, or answer a question, then pull out a carrot. You never know exactly when Jack the bunny will jump! If he does jump when you pull your carrot, you want to try to catch him to win the game! If no one catches the bunny, try counting all of the carrots. The player who has earned the most carrots is the winner.

Carrot Jump Rope

I’m a big fan of using movement as a way to keep my speech therapy students focused during our sessions! If you have enough space, or if you can head outside, try incorporating these carrot jump ropes into your session!

The handles are carrot-shaped- too much fun! I did find the rope a little long and wound it around the handle a few times when needed.

You would love to pair the carrot jump ropes with this free following directions activity! Directions include embedded concepts such as before, after, first…then, and first…next. You will also need to have a die on hand for this fun activity!

First, your student will roll to choose a direction. Then, your student will follow the direction. An example might be, “First, say ‘carrot’. Then, hop like a bunny!”

Another easy idea? If your student is working on articulation, he can say a target word 3x, then jump 3x using his carrot jump rope!

8 Easter Speech Therapy Activities and Ideas

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