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8 Fun Language and Articulation Printable Worksheets (that Students Love)

Speech pathologists looking for articulation printable worksheets should check out this blog post! It contains recommendations for speech and language worksheets that will allow SLPs to easily target a variety of articulation sounds during a speech therapy session, as well as language goals!

This article suggests 8 language and articulation printable worksheets that can be used during speech therapy sessions with elementary and middle school students.

Receptive and Expressive Language Worksheets for Speech Therapy

Want some speech therapy worksheets that target receptive and expressive language skills? Check out these language activities and lesson plans!

This blog post lists 8 printable language and articulation worksheets and activities for speech therapy

Grab ‘N Go Grammar and Sentence Structure Program

This incredible resource has your grammar and syntax therapy sessions planned for an entire year!

Each lesson is carefully laid out, allowing the SLP to first complete a grammar review. 

Then, the student will practice identifying the targeted part of speech or sentence part within written sentences. 

Next, the student will arrange scrambled words into sentences before filling in the blank using a targeted part of speech.

Finally, your student will benefit from the sentence diagram lesson that helps provide amazing visual support to piece everything together.

​Lisa S reviewed, “My students now love grammar and building sentences!  They are able to understand the structure and why we build sentences the way we do!  They are able to acquire this knowledge that is not usually taught in the regular classroom!”

Story Retell Worksheets

These cute stories with written prompts to assist with story retelling are the perfect way to target this skill with second and third-graders! 

There are a total of 12 simple stories included in the story retell resource.

Each page contains written prompts to assist your student with retelling the story. Answer keys are included for the SLP.

This is a story retell worksheet for speech therapy and special education. It can be used with 2nd grade and 3rd grade students for retelling a story.

Angela B reviewed, “This resource really helps my students learn how to retell a story.  The prompting gives them more confidence to write because they don’t have to think of how to start themselves.  After doing a few, they don’t even need the prompts anymore.”

Mixed Groups Printable Worksheets for Language and Articulation 

These mixed group no prep worksheets target both articulation and language skills!

Target speech sounds while simultaneously addressing language objectives!

It’s simple to use.

You’ll pick a target word in the articulation section.

This is a mixed groups speech therapy activity that can be used to target both language and articulation goals in speech therapy sessions.

The articulation words are organized into two groups, nouns and verbs.

The articulation target words allow speech pathologists to target language goals such as following directions, creating sentences using conjunctions, verb tense, describing, and inferencing. 

Listening for Details Worksheets

Talk about a fun activity for speech pathologists to use during speech therapy sessions!

If your speech therapy students are into dogs, these dog-themed listening for details worksheets are the perfect motivator!

Simply hand your student a page with the dog breed of choice. Cut off the portion with the passage and keep it. 

Your student can listen to short passages that discuss specific dog breeds, then answer the questions after listening.

This is a listening for details speech therapy activity that can be used with upper elementary or middle school students.

Articulation Printable Worksheets to Try

Here are 4 teachers pay teachers resources with articulation printable worksheets that speech therapists can use to target a variety of sounds in initial medial, and final word positions.

Vocalic R Worksheets

Looking for new ways to target vocalic r? This Vocalic R Program is the answer!

If you’ve tried the traditional articulation approach and haven’t seen results, this program can breathe new life into your R therapy!

What’s the secret? 

This unique program doesn’t skip any steps.

This is a vocalic r articulation worksheet for speech therapy.

In fact, it is based on the foundational skills of orofacial myology, so your students can slowly and confidently work their way to a successful production of R.

S Blend Carryover

This s blend carryover resource is fantastic for upper elementary or middle school students who need to go to that “next step”!

What’s included in this resource?

  • s blend word lists
  • mixed s-blend sentences
  • create sentences using s blend worksheets
  • “talk about it” worksheets to elicit s blends
  • writing short stories given a prompt containing an s blend
  • articulation reading passages 
  • suggested carry-over activities
This is an s blend carryover activity for speech therapy.

This amazing s blend carryover packet contains 35 s blend articulation worksheets! 

Articulation Challenge Worksheets

These articulation printables are designed with your older students in mind! Many later developing sounds are included, as well as target sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions of words.

There is a list of articulation target words and a “keyboard” on each worksheet. 

Your student will pretend to “type” the word using the ”keyboard” on the paper, then practice saying the target.

For example, if your student is working on “ch” in the final position of words, he will type out the word “witch” and then say it.

This an interactive articulation activity for older students in speech therapy. This articulation worksheet targets ch in the final position of words.

*This is not a digital product. It is a worksheet with interactive components. 

Your students will enjoy “typing” and “saying” their target words! 

Gliding Speech Therapy Activity Minimal Pairs

On the hunt for some free speech therapy activities to try out during your speech therapy sessions? 

Though not exactly a worksheet, speech-language pathologists will be interested to check out these no prep minimal pair printables that target gliding. 

These pages are well organized and make data collection a breeze. 

This is a gliding minimal pairs activity page that can be used in speech therapy sessions with a phonology student.

Mouth visual cues are provided at the top of each sheet for contrasting sounds in order to assist with the correct production.

After your student practices a target sound, he can use play dough, a magnetic wand and chips, or even place a mini eraser on top of the picture. 

​If you love the gliding pages, make sure to check out the Minimal Pairs Bundle.


There are many wonderful language and articulation printable worksheets that speech-language pathologists might enjoy using with students.

Here are 4 resources that contain language printables:

These 4 resources that target articulation skills:

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