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The Advanced Grammar and Sentence Structure Program for Speech Therapy: Why Grammar and Syntax is SO Important


It all started when I sat down and started thinking about how often I hear in IEP meetings: this student struggles with reading comprehension.

Now, I WAS working on comprehension goals, but I felt like I needed to dig deeper. What SPECIFIC areas of language could I target that would best help my students in the classroom? There had to be more answers out there.

 First, I read “A Case for the Sentence in Reading Comprehension” (Scott). 
Next, I read “Reading Comprehension Deficits in Adolescents” (Nippold). I was intrigued. I became obsessed.

See, it all made sense: every word, phrase, and clause in a sentence works together to affect meaning. Additionally, every sentence in a passage impacts the overall message. 

Kind of a big problem when academic textbooks are riddled with crazy amounts of modifiers and center-embedded clauses. 

It became clear to me that comprehension of grammar/ syntax is not only important- it’s essential. As a language specialist, I needed to be the one to fill in those gaps for my students. 

I know, I know- grammar isn’t really… fun. Still, I turned into a crazy syntax lady for two months. I watched hours and hours of sentence diagramming tutorials. Something crazy happened. I realized that these diagrams were the visuals my students NEEDED to “see” how the parts of speech and sentence parts worked together. Coupled with other important tasks (such as identifying parts of speech/ answering questions about the sentence, sentence manipulation, and sentence fill-in tasks), I finally knew what I had to do.

I started from the beginning. I worked and worked until I had 16 lessons, all the way from simple sentences to complex sentences. I created reference sheets. I even figured out a crazy cool new way to work on sentence recall using those diagrams.

If you aren’t crazy about grammar/ syntax and don’t know the first thing about diagramming- I’ve got you. I am SO excited that it’s FINALLY finished. This program has, quite literally, consumed me for the past 60 days. If you’re interested, you can purchase this program here.

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