Visual Schedules for Speech Therapy

No print Speech therapy visual schedules for Google Slides™! This no prep, digital activity is PERFECT for the busy Speech-Language Pathologist who needs to access a visual schedule FAST!
Visual schedules provide a way to structure your speech and language sessions. Visual schedules assist with transitioning to a new activity, and in my experience, can help reduce challenging behaviors.

I wanted to create a resource that would quickly allow me to go from session to session in a jam-packed day while providing my speech therapy students with access to the structure they need. With this digital resource, you won’t need to print out or laminate anything. Seriously! This is huge, and I’m so excited about it! All you need to do is tap! (Of course, if you’re using your computer, you’ll need to click ;-)!) With EVERY visual schedule included, you can choose to “repeat the activity” OR go back to the “home” slide again. This is a MEGA visual schedule resource which contains 72 ready-to-go “just tap” visual schedules. You can select the schedule you want from a hyperlinked menu. If you don’t like my wording for the text, you can edit it. You can find it here.

If you can’t find the schedule you need- no worries! I’ve also included an “open-ended” First/ Then visual schedule. Within the Google Slides™ app, you can click the “+” icon, choose or take a picture, then add it to the pre-made open-ended schedule. You can also type the wording how you’d like (just keep scrolling for video demonstrations)! The “table of contents” page is hyperlinked and will allow you to easily access whatever schedule you’d like!

So here’s how to use this resource:

First, you’ll click on the link within the PDF. You’ll need a Google account (free) and the Google Slides app (if you’ll be using this on the iPad).

Here’s a snapshot of how to access present mode. (On your computer, you’ll simply select “present”).

Next, you’ll select a schedule..

In present mode, you simply “tap” (or click) after completing a task. The task becomes checked off!

Repeat the activity as often as you’d like, or go back to home and select a new schedule!

You can edit the wording:

You just exit out of “present mode”. You double-tap (or just click on your computer) to change my wording and make it your own! (Shown with the “make your own” schedule option). You can edit the text in pre-made or “make your own” visual schedule options.

Still don’t see what you need? No worries! You can take your own pictures and make your own schedule. This is the best part!

You’ll just go back into “present” mode to use that schedule you created!

I hope this resource saves you a TON of time.

Please note The Pedi Speechie is not affiliated with Google.com or Apple.

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