Cinco de Mayo Speech Therapy

I can’t believe it- it’s almost the LAST MONTH of the school year, and a super fun holiday is coming up. If you’re like me, you love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in your speech therapy room!
I created a no prep, low ink Cinco de Mayo Speech & Language packet that your students will love. You can purchase this packet at my TPT store here. This packet is also available in my Speech and Language Holiday and Seasonal Mega Bundle. This bundle includes TONS of my holiday and seasonal packets at a 15% discount, so it’s a great deal!
My students had a lot of fun with this packet:

Cinco de Mayo speech therapy worksheets- your kids will have fun targeting language and articulation with these worksheets!

Cinco de Mayo articulation worksheets for speech therapy

Cinco de Mayo speech therapy worksheets

Cinco de Mayo speech therapy worksheets

One student worked on comparing and contrasting Cinco de Mayo and 4th of July:

Cinco de Mayo speech therapy activities

Worksheets included in this packet:

  • (1) Talk Taco Articulation (open- ended coloring articulation worksheet)
  • (1) Sunny Sentences: Writing Sentences With Target Words worksheet
  • (2) Finish-the-Sentence & Shake: Finish the sentence worksheets
  • (1) Cactus Conjunctions (choose the correct conjunction for each sentence)
  • (1) Chips & Dip Directions: Following Directions worksheet
  • (1) Cinco de Mayo Fun Facts (use with “May” I Ask Some Wh-Questions)
  • (1) “May” I Ask Some Wh- Questions worksheet (*use after reading “fun facts”)
  • (1) Sombrero Synonyms worksheet
  • (1) “Fan-tonyms” Antonyms worksheet
  • (1) Container Categories worksheet
  • 1) “Good- Together Guitars”: “What Goes Together?” worksheet
  • (1) Pinata Pragmatics: Social Skills (respond to the comments or questions appropriately)
  • (1)Where is the Spicy Pepper? (Position Concepts): choose the picture that goes with the sentence
  • (1) Straw Hat Quality Concepts: circle the correct answer (field of 2 choices)
  • (2) Inference Parade (1 worksheet is for student, 1 is verbal prompts for SLP/ teacher)
  • (1) Sour Sentences: Past Tense Verbs (fill in the blank with the correct past tense form- regular/ irregular- of the verb. Present tense verb provided)
  • (1) Make It! Mexican Flag (follow the instructions to color the flag correctly)

I hope this “print & go” packet will make the end of your school year a little bit less stressful.
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