3 Great St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Books (Speech Therapy)

If you are a speech-language pathologist searching for the best St. Patrick’s children’s books for speech therapy, check out this blog post! Using books during speech therapy sessions provides a fun way to target articulation and language goals. This blog post suggests 3 St. Patrick’s books to read in your speech room and even lists some suggested activities to target sounds and receptive and expressive language skills. Are you feeling lucky? Speech-language pathologists will appreciate the free lists of suggested wh-questions for each story! This makes lesson plans a cinch! Finally, you’ll find additional ideas for st. patrick’s day speech therapy activities to really embrace the st. patrick’s day theme! 

This blog post features 3 recommended St. Patricks Day childrens books for speech therapy

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St. Patrick’s Day Theme for Speech Therapy

Are you hoping to create the ultimate thematic unit? This is the perfect time of year to bring on fun and engaging activities while we all try to survive until spring break! 

Check out these themed items and activity suggestions that will truly help you create a multi-sensory experience with a st. patrick’s day theme. You’ll be able to find something engaging to try with your entire caseload. 

Sensory Bin

Pick up a fun book and pair it with a sensory bin! This is my favorite way to get students engaged!

Fill up your sensory bins with gold coins and green-colored rice

Leprechaun Trap

Create a leprechaun trap! Keep reading below for ideas. 

Mini Erasers

These St. Patrick’s Day mini erasers are the perfect mini objects for your themed unit. Work on articulation goals and get multiple trials while stacking up the erasers into a small tower. 

St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Games

Check out this Irish St. Patrick’s Day Bingo, or use the mini erasers listed above as tic-tac-toe pieces! 

St Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Activities

Do you want some ready-to-use speech therapy materials to target articulation and language objectives?

Check out this St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Activities blog post. It contains ideas for your entire caseload!

Themed Books for St. Patrick’s Day

These 3 St. Patrick’s Day books are perfect to use during your speech therapy session! 

These interactive books and activities will make your speech therapy sessions so much fun!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Colandro

The ‘Old Lady’ book series are a great way to target sequencing! Plus, they’re just fun. 

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover is a fun book with a St. Patrick’s Day theme and is one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day books.

Your students would love to “feed” an Old Lady (just attach her to a tissue box) as they listen to a story read aloud. 

This picture shows a speech therapy activity to use with the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Collandro

Speech-language pathologists can target a variety of goals for language development, including articulation, comprehension questions, and story retelling.

9 FREE WH-Questions for There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

Need an easy way to work on language goals? Here are some ready-to-use wh questions you could ask your speech therapy students after reading this fun story!

  1. What did the Old Lady swallow first? (Answer: a clover)
  2. When did the Old Lady swallow the daisy? (Answer: after she swallowed the clover)
  3. What insect did the Old Lady swallow? (Answer: a butterfly)
  4. Where did the butterfly rest? (Answer: on the daisy)
  5. When did the Old Lady swallow the pot? (Answer: after she swallowed the bird)
  6. What wasn’t cold? (Answer: the shiny gold)
  7. What type of musical instrument did the Old Lady swallow? (Answer: a fiddle)
  8. Who danced with the Old Lady? (Answer: a leprechaun)
  9. What popped out of the Old Lady? (Answer: a rainbow)

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace

The How to Catch a Leprechaun story is fun and perfect for the month of March!

This is a great book to target a lot of speech sounds and expressive and receptive language goals

In this story, children try to catch a sneaky leprechaun that just keeps figuring out how to slip away!

It might even inspire your own students to create a leprechaun trap. 

You could discuss how to create the perfect leprechaun trap during a speech therapy session, or even make one.

You’ll want to have a small shamrock or shamrock sticker, green paper, some gold coins, and some pipe cleaners on hand.

Check out this leprechaun traps blog post for some fun ideas!

I like to target tier II vocabulary such as “stroll” and “brilliant”. 

8 FREE WH Questions for How to Catch a Leprechaun

Here are WH questions you can use during your speech therapy session while reading this exciting story about a great leprechaun chase!

  1. What holiday is near? (Answer: St. Patrick’s Day)
  2. How does the leprechaun let you know he’s nearby? (Answer: he taps his hammer)
  3. What will the leprechaun put in your hair? (Answer: glitter)
  4. How will the leprechaun escape the shoebox on a stick leprechaun trap? (Answer: dance a jig)
  5. Where did the leprechaun put the dirty shoes? (Answer: in the sink)
  6. What type of tea was used in the trap? (Answer: dandelion tea)
  7. Who helped make the complicated leprechaun design? (Answer: engineer)
  8. What trap scared the leprechaun? (Answer: the Leprechaun Be Gone 3000™)

Pout-Pout Fish: Lucky Leprechaun by Deborah Diesen

If you’re a fan of the Pout-Pout series, check out Pout-Pout Fish: Lucky Leprechaun.

This cute story with a st. patrick’s day theme follows the kind of sad Mr. Fish around.

He’s got a pot of gold- the problem is, it’s empty!

His friends help him search along the way to see if they can find out where the missing treasure is.

You can target vocabulary such as “mischievous” and “reunited”. 

12 FREE WH-Questions for the Pout-Pout Fish: Lucky Leprechaun

Work on WH questions with your students after listening to this story, such as:

  1. Who/ what dresses up in a tall hat and whiskers every St. Patrick’s Day? (Answer: Mr. Fish)
  2. What is empty? (Answer: the pot of gold)
  3. How does Mr. Fish feel at the beginning of the story? (Answer: sad)
  4. Why is Mr. Fish sad? (Answer: his pot of gold is empty)
  5. What color can you wear on St. Patrick’s Day to bring good luck? (Answer: green)
  6. Where do the oysters hide their pearls? (Answer: inside their shells)
  7. When did Mr. Fish talk to the oyster? (Answer: after talking to Mr. Lantern
  8. Where did the ocean animals find a chest of golden coins? (Answer: sunken pirate ship)
  9. What treasure did Mr. Fish find at the end of the story? (Answer: yellow butterfly fish)
  10. Where did he find the butterfly fish? (Answer: at the end of Rainbow Reef) 
  11. Why did the yellow butterfly fish leave the pot of gold? (Answer: to play hide-and-seek)
  12. How does Mr. Fish feel at the end of the story? (Answer: happy)


In summary, this blog post listed 3 St. Patrick’s Day books speech therapy recommendations.

A list of free wh questions was included with each book suggestion to use with your students.

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