Speech Therapy Thanksgiving

It’s almost time to gobble up all that turkey, but before that happens, I’d love to let you take a peek at what I’ve been up to in my speech room!
First of all, I’m hoping that you didn’t miss the Turkey Talk Blog Hop. I teamed up with Speechasaurus, The Speech Attic, and Speech Wonderland to provide you with some wonderful Turkey Day freebies!
You can start the blog hop here.

My students were loving it this week, and it was so nice to have ready-to-go materials for so many of my sessions.
I do have to mention one conversation I had with a student. I told her we were going to read a story about a turkey named Toby. Without hesitation, my student asked, “Did Toby get eaten?”
It’s just not that kind of story.
The next thing we’re doing in my speech room?
I’m heading into the classroom to do a group language lesson.
I love doing a “Follow the Directions” activity with these kiddos- either a snacktivity or a craftivity.
Since last week made Apple Slice & Pretzel Turkeys (source: meaningfulmama.com), it’s time for a craft.
It’s essential that I have already cut out all of the pieces in order to fit in every activity.

We are making Construction Paper Turkeys this week. I just came up with it based off of materials I already had leftover in my room (hey, it’s almost break ;-)!)

My kiddos really benefit from visually-supported directions. I created a page to go along with this activity. You can download it for free here. I’d love it if you left me some feedback!

I included signs for my non-verbal students who are working on understanding and using core vocabulary.
I had this super nerdy bulletin board/ student work display idea to go along with this craft…
After completing any activity in my classroom lessons, I love to follow it up by describing whatever we made with the Expanding Expression Toolkit. This was created by Sara L. Smith, SLP. Please make sure to check it out- it is amazing and provides multi-sensory support. I recently had the chance to hear her speak, and I’m so glad I did.
So anyways, back to the bulletin board idea…

Get it? EET turkey? 😉 Okay, sometimes the nerd in me just can’t be contained.

You’ll also want to be sure to check out my Thanksgiving Speech and Language packet.
It is low ink and no prep, and covers a TON of areas.
This product includes:

  • (1) Pumpkin Pie Articulation (open- ended coloring articulation worksheet)
  • (1)Grab-a-Pencil Pilgrim: Writing Sentences With Target Words worksheet
  • (2) Pens and Pilgrims: Finish the sentence
  • (1) Pilgrim Hat Conjunctions (choose the correct conjunction for each sentence)
  • (1) Following Instructions & Feasting worksheet
  • (1) Pass the Gravy- Fun Facts about Thanksgiving (use with Wampanoag & Wh- Questions)
  • (1) Wampanoag & Wh- Questions worksheet (*use after reading “fun facts”)
  • (1) Mayflower Synonyms worksheet
  • (1) Canoes & Antonyms worksheet
  • (1) Corn Categories worksheet
  • (1) “Put-it-Together Pilgrim”: “What Goes Together?” worksheet
  • (1) A Helping of Social Skills (respond to the comments or questions appropriately)

If you’re still looking for more “fall” fun in your room, we’ve also been using my Fall-themed Following Directions Worksheets. These have been a hit, because they are designed so that you can work on very basic to very complex directions.

This packet includes the following worksheets:

  • Basic One Step Directions
  • Temporal (Before, After, Then, At the Same Time)
  • Inclusion (All, And, All but One)
  • Sequence (First, Second, Middle, Last)
  • Location (Top, Bottom, Between, Next to)
  • Multi-step (Basic & Complex)

Hopefully I provided you with some fun ideas and let you know about some materials to use in your speech therapy room.
Happy Holidays!

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