Talk Like a Pirate Day Speech Therapy Activities

I literally CAN’T WAIT!!! Wednesday is Talk Like a Pirate Day buuuuuuut one day isn’t really enough to celebrate the awesomeness of pirates so we’ll be talking about them all week.

 Tell me in the comments if you’re planning on using the pirate theme in therapy this week! Share what activities you’ll be doing so I can add to my list!

 Here’s my list of planned activities:

  • Teaching “pirate” themed idioms, like “test the water”, “off the hook”, “make waves”, “in the same boat”, “a fish out of water”, and “the coast is clear”
  • Working on pirate-y sentences. Many of my upper elementary students are working on forming sentences with conjunctions, so I’m going to ask them pirate-y “why” questions and given them target conjunctions they must use in their answer choices. I’ll write “because”, “since”, “so”, or “so that” in circles on construction paper, and they can smash yellow dough to make “gold coins” as they create sentences. Here are some “why” questions I’ll ask: “Why do pirates like treasure?” “Why do pirates have maps?”, “Why do pirates search for gold?” “Why do pirates have parrots?” “Why do pirates have ships?”
  • Working on positional concepts! I’m bringing in the pirate hook and pirate hat to do this!
  • Following directions with embedded concepts!

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