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Halloween Speech Language Therapy Ideas

Speech and Language Therapy 

If you’re looking for some Halloween Speech and Language Therapy Ideas, you’ve come to the right place! I’m excited to share some of my favorite Halloween speech therapy activities and ideas with you. 
Halloween Speech Language Therapy ideas

Halloween Speech Language Therapy Activities 

Whether you’re looking for some “easy to create” speech therapy activities, or some “ready to go” Halloween Speech and Language materials- you’re in for a treat!

I had a request recently to create a Halloween-themed following directions packet similar to my best-selling Ahoy! Following Directions with Embedded Concepts packet. That exact product idea had literally been on my “to do” list, so I immediately got to work! These cards target following directions with inclusion, sequence, location, and temporal concepts. There are single step and two-step directions. I have so many students working on this goal, I’ll probably end up making a Thanksgiving version as well! Stay tuned! 🙂

If you have upper elementary students working on stating the main idea or details of a passage, you MUST, MUST, MUST check out my Halloween-Theme Main Idea and Details packet. Your students will love reading all of these spooky stories that cover creepy, crawly topics (including Frankenstein, vampires, and witches!). It also includes a fun “main idea web” page for your student to write the main idea and details of the selected passage. Answer keys are included.

If you have students working on creating sentences with conjunctions, this next packet is a must! One buyer left a review that these worksheets kept students engaged. My students certainly have loved these!

Now, I have to share a few other “ideas” with you. Here are some activities we’ve been doing in my speech room! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@thepedispeechie), because I am constantly sharing my favorite ideas and activities!

If you use the Expanding Expression Toolkit (copyright Sara L. Smith), try this activity. Read “It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!” (by Laura Numeroff) to your students. Then, describe a pumpkin using the beads. I also created a quick “dough smash mat” in Boardmaker to discuss the emotions of each pumpkin. This is not available in my store, but feel free to recreate the activity!

My students working on conversational turn taking skills have really enjoyed this “Social Skills Tree” game that I created. Laminate the tree so you can write in a new topic. Each time we pulled a “change the topic” leaf, I wrote the new topic we selected on the tree.

We also have had so much fun with this spider web spinner! You can create it using construction paper. Make sure to laminate it so you can easily write in targets. It’s fun for articulation, but I used it other ways, too. You could write idioms on the web, or place target flash cards around the web.

I’m pretty pumped about this other spooky-themed idea for connecting sentences/ sentence parts using conjunctions! I bought this skeleton at the Dollar Tree. It’s waaaay more fun to have the skeleton hand select the correct answer! Just hang him up on your board (or throw him on a table) and grab some sticky notes. Sticky notes just might be the best invention EVER.

Last but certainly not least- I hope you didn’t miss our #slphalloweenhop, which included FREE Halloween themed speech therapy activities! You can grab TONS of great freebies to use by checking out my previous blog post.

Talk soon and don’t forget to follow me on TPT for fun and engaging materials!

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