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Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities | Following Directions | Main Idea and Supporting Details

Thanksgiving is here- are you celebrating in your speech therapy room? I’ve got some engaging Thanksgiving Speech Therapy activities that I KNOW you’ll want to try- because my students have been LOVING these!

Working on following directions? Working on main idea and supporting details? I’ve got you covered!

Thanksgiving speech therapy ideas

You might have enjoyed my Following Directions with Embedded Concepts Halloween packet. If so, you’ll love my Following Directions with Embedded Concepts Thanksgiving packet. If you haven’t checked either out- make sure to do so! These cards are such a fun way to target listening skills!

There are 60 cards in my Thanksgiving Following Directions with Embedded Concepts packet which target the following concepts:
-inclusion concepts (all, and, all but one)
-sequence concepts (first, second, middle, last)
-location concepts (top, bottom, between, next to)
-temporal concepts (before, after, then, at the same time)

In addition, there are two activity pages to pair with the cards! I’m working on the Christmas set now!

Next, I created a set of Main Idea Passages with a Thanksgiving theme. After my students enjoyed my Halloween Main Idea Passages so much, I knew I needed to create a set for November, too! Work on main idea and supporting details with this motivating packet. It’s perfect for your upper elementary students!

Finally, I want to make sure you didn’t miss our Thanksgiving blog hop from a few years ago. This blog hop is full of amazing freebies! Click on the link to join in on the Thanksgiving speech therapy blog hop fun!

Let’s talk soon! Make sure you’re following my store on TPT so you’ll be the first to know about discounted new products!

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