Open-Ended Speech Therapy Ideas for Uno and Simon

When I was fresh out of graduate school and very low on cash, I was pretty overwhelmed at my CFY position.
I had multiple children with multiple needs, and not a whole lot of money to buy materials. (…Thank goodness for TPT…)
I ran to Target and grabbed some Uno cards (Harry Potter- themed, naturally, and only about $5), and also a small Simon game.
These games were portable and light-weight. Now I just needed to figure out how to use them.
Here I am, 5 years later, and I have now perfected my grab-n-go Uno (Mattel) & Simon (Hasbro) open-ended articulation games.
I created these pages on Boardmaker (check this out if you haven’t yet!), and simply store them in a page protector sheet.
Grab a dry erase marker, your Uno or Simon, and you are ready to go!
I love Simon (licensed by Hasbro). Check out my other post on how to use the Full Size Simon in your therapy session.
This game is great for targeting working memory. When I’m using it to target articulation, I have the student use the prompt chosen to go with the last color they selected (even if the target was incorrect).

UNO was a little trickier to figure out, given the game can be played pretty quickly.
I have used Uno the way the directions are indicated on my picture, but most recently, I’ve found the easiest way to play is this: have the student use the card that is flipped over on the table before each turn. They are using that card to dictate their next turn, and before they do so, they can say the target word 3x.
The last time I played this game with a kiddo, he kept requesting to “play it again”. It lasted the entire 30 minute session, I got ENDLESS amounts of targets produced, and then he begged me to copy it for him to take home!

I happened to discover another one of my kiddos I was playing this with was a huge Harry Potter fan. Since his targets were /s/ and /s/ blends, I chose Harry Potter- themed words, such as: spell, spooky, scary, spider… you get the idea!
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