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MAGICAL CFY SLP Advice for the School SLP

CFY SLP advice -so you don’t have a stressful clinical fellowship year (like I did)

I’m excited to share some CFY SLP advice for the school SLP today- because the clinical fellowship year can be seriously overwhelming.

“You should try doing cooking activities like that last SLP did.”

These criticizing words cut deep- and they came from a principal who a) didn’t know anything about my job, b) didn’t care that I was literally drowning as a new school SLP, and c) had also asked me if “any other principals actually come to these things” when I’d handed her IEP meeting invites.

Honestly, it’s a miracle that I’m still an SLP today after that stressful CFY experience. 

I began frantically googling job change ideas. Maybe I’d go back to school, do something else, be ANYTHING else.

I hated the SLP career I’d chosen- or so I thought.

I stuck with it (hey, I had bills to pay), and I’m so glad I did.

My top 3 tips: SIMPLE CFY SLP Advice

I have advice for you that will be easy to follow!

Fast forward over a decade later, and I’ve really come to enjoy the field of Speech Language Pathology (minus the paperwork piles). 

You don’t need to have such a stressful school SLP CFY experience though.

If you follow these 3 simple tips of advice, your CFY year in a school will be WAY less stressful than mine was. 

Today I want to tell you about a survival guide for CFY SLPs that will help you survive- and thrive- during your clinical fellowship year in a school setting. This guide is full of advice that will make your school year a lot easier to navigate. 

I’ll be sharing advice about what materials you REALLY need to get started, how to organize your school SLP life, and a ton of tips on providing effective therapy in a variety of treatment areas- so that you’ll feel energized and excited to take on your clinical fellowship year.

Want the ULTIMATE CFY SLP advice? Use this guide to help you survive your fellowship year

First, you’ll be provided with TONS of therapy tips in a variety of treatment areas. For example, I’ll share my absolute BEST tips for correcting a lisp and treating R- you don’t need to break a sweat over these things, no matter what you’ve heard. I’ll even go into detailed ways on working on grammar and sentence structure in speech therapy (so no worries if you’ve forgotten almost everything you learned back in the day), and I’ll go over the basics on feeling confident with providing AAC therapy. 

Second, I share my favorite tips on getting organized as a school SLP in this guide. Now, I’m not saying I’m some Pinterest-worthy house decorator- far from it. But I have figured out a very efficient system for keeping track of all that paperwork, your caseload, and your caseload changes. I’ll share my approach in this guide. 

Third, I’ll share my favorite materials that I use to provide efficient therapy. These are the materials that never stray far from my side during the day. They’re simple things, but they make a huge impact- so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed, like you need to buy the entire Target dollar spot aisle.

My parting CFY SLP advice…

Now, let me summarize: first, this CFY SLP survival guide will provide you with a variety of tips and tricks that WORK in therapy. It’ll be like having a coworker who is always at your side, whispering sweet awesomeness into your SLP ear. For example, I’ll share my go-to approach for treating R (based on the CEU course by Sandra Holtzman, ’7 Steps to R Intervention’), and provide you with some great ideas for eliciting velar sounds (like “changing the name” of the sound). In fact, you can see a preview of my articulation tips when you download the CFY SLP Articulation Survival Guide Freebie.

Second, I’ll share my SLP organization tips- in other words, how I’ve organized my SLP Planner year after year to keep track of all the chaos and bring a little calm into my life. I’ll let you dive deep into my SLP Planner so that you can create an organized binder that will help you keep track of your caseload, ETR and IEP due dates, referrals, caseload changes, and more!

Third, I’ll share my absolute MUST-HAVE therapy items. These are things like glitter bingo daubers- that are motivating to a WIDE range of ages, and easier for our students with fine motor difficulties to grasp. Plus, they provide easy ways to get TONS of extra trials in articulation therapy!

What Other SLPs Had to Say about the Advice for CFY SLPs in this Guide

Want to know what other SLPs have said about this clinical fellowship year survival guide? Let me share just a few reviews:

“This is a must-have for any CF! This was very meticulously put together, and touches on almost all aspects of the CFY. Such great tips!” -Shannon W.

“Grateful to have found a comprehensive resource going into my CF. So much information to make me feel more confident as a new SLP.” -Sophie K.

“This is a great resource for me as a CF in the school system! I loved all of the treatment ideas that were included in this download!” -Miranda P.

“This is very thorough and helped relieve me of my imposter syndrome by sharing helpful therapy tips. The lisp section is far and away my favorite, great purchase!” -Kayleigh S.

If these SLPs can rock their CFY SLP year… so can you!

What to do now

The CFY-SLP Survival Guide is an e-book PDF download of SLP CFY advice from an experienced SLP that you can access anyplace, anytime. If you follow the tips and ideas referenced in the guide, your clinical fellowship year as a school SLP will be much smoother, less stressful, and easier to navigate. Buy your copy today


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