How To Play With Dinosaurs In Your Speech Therapy Session

My kiddos and I had a TON of fun today playing with these extinct toys:

Besides the amazing “roars” that my kids were making, I (sneakily) was also working on: 1) Location Concepts: Using the tree and various dinosaurs, I talked about where each one was. We targeted: in front of, behind, beside, next to, over, under, and on.

2) Comparatives/ Superlatives: We arranged the dinosaurs into groups of three. We targeted: small/ smaller/ smallest, big/ bigger/ biggest, and tall/ taller/ tallest.

3) Basic Opposites: My kids loved comparing the “big” dinosaur” to the “small/ tiny” dinosaur. We also talked about which ones were fast and which ones were slow, which ones had “short” tails and which ones had “long” tails, and which dinosaurs were “mean” versus the ones who were “nice”.

4) Describing: We talked about the size of the dinosaurs (small, medium, large) and the colors of the dinosaurs. 5) Verbs: Of course, we were able to target TONS of verbs during play. Here are a few examples: eat,drink, run, walk, and sleep. How else do you use dinosaurs during your speech therapy session? I’d love to hear in the comments below!
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