Following Directions Packet for Speech Therapy

If you’re like me, you’ve got some kiddos on your caseload that NEED to target following directions.
As a matter of fact, I have so many kids that need to target these skills, that I’ve got quite a collection of following directions packets available at my TPT store.
I love this Following Directions Frog packet for a few reasons, but mainly because my younger kiddos don’t realize we’re doing “therapy”- to them, this is just a fun flip card game!

This packet includes (6) lily pads with prompts: _____before I ______/ After you ____, ____/ “first-next-last”/ Don’t_______unless I_____/Either_____OR____/ If I _____, ________/, and also some open-ended lily pads so that you can customize things a bit!

Also included are (54) “frog” cards with 1 step directions. These directions vary from simple (i.e. “close your eyes”) to more complex- i.e. allowing you to target category skills as way (i.e. “Name 2 types of furniture”).

You can just use the frog cards if you’re looking to stick with one-step directions, or add in those lily pad prompts to target a variety of multi-step directions. I know your kids will love this following directions packet as much as mine do!
Thanks for stopping by!

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