V Words for Speech Therapy (Word Lists and Activities)

If you’re a speech-language pathologist looking for a quick list of initial and final v target words to practice during speech therapy, make sure to bookmark this post. You’ll also find some great ideas for making therapy more fun with a variety of engaging games, resources, and speech therapy activities for teaching the v sound….

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MAGICAL CFY SLP Advice for the School SLP

CFY SLP advice -so you don’t have a stressful clinical fellowship year (like I did) I’m excited to share some CFY SLP advice for the school SLP today- because the clinical fellowship year can be seriously overwhelming. “You should try doing cooking activities like that last SLP did.” These criticizing words cut deep- and they…

Quick and Easy Semantic Relationships Speech Therapy Worksheets
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Quick and Easy Semantic Relationships Speech Therapy Worksheets

These semantic relationships speech therapy worksheets make it simple to work on this skill. They are absolutely perfect for upper elementary or middle school speech therapy students who need to work on semantic relationships, and involve no prep- making them quick and easy to use during a busy day! In this blog post, I’ll share…