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Easy Speech Therapy Lesson Plans for Preschool (That Kids Love)

Speech-language pathologists often search for speech therapy lesson plans for preschool. Having a lesson plan in mind can be a great way to target language development and speech sounds during speech therapy sessions. This blog post suggests fun activities that the school-based slp can use throughout the school year. These themed speech therapy lesson plans provide a digital download that can be used immediately during your speech therapy session. Keep reading to see your new favorite preschool speech therapy activities!

Here are the easiest speech therapy lesson plans for preschool! Perfect for school speech therapists who need effective activities and lesson plans

Why Use Speech Therapy Lesson Plans for Preschool?

It’s no secret that school SLPs are busy, busy, busy!

Trying to fit in therapy sessions while juggling all the other aspects of the jobs- IEP meetings, paperwork, billing, testing, screening, etc- can be challenging.

The activities suggested are tried, tested, and effective.

Once they’ve been prepped, they can be used frequently.

These speech therapy lesson plans for preschool are designed to make your therapy sessions run smoothly and efficiently. 

Check out these awesome preschool speech therapy lesson plans for speech therapy!

Try An Interactive Book

Perhaps you’re hoping your student can learn some new words.

Maybe you’re trying to target a variety of speech and language goals in one fun activity.

Whatever the reason, check out this Interactive Book Bundle for Preschool and Early Intervention!

These themed lesson plans offer the best way for younger students to learn core words.

Additionally, these interactive books target imitating sounds, gestures, and actions.

This interactive book is the perfect activity for preschool speech

This makes them the perfect activity for a student who has a speech or language delay.

Speech therapists can easily use these interactive books when collaborating with the classroom teacher.

They make a fun push-in activity for young children.

Lindy H. reviewed, “I love incorporating core words into our therapy sessions. These books use a variety of core words and make it interactive.”

Preschool kids need engaging activities! 

Instead of sitting still, they can imitate the actions and silly sounds while listening to the story.

imitating actions and sounds speech therapy activity for preschool

Try placing the picture cut-outs in sensory bins, or allow each child to hold one as you read the story aloud.

These core vocabulary interactive books are available in The Pedi Speechie tpt store.

In order to prep this digital resource, print it out and laminate it. You may wish to bind it together.

Low-ink versions are also included and can be sent home with students.

Use Sentence Strips for Conversation Skills

Whether you’re playing a simple game or completing simple crafts, speech-language pathologists and special education teachers will want to use these Core Vocabulary Carrier Sentence Strips. 

These sentence strips are the perfect way to work on expressive language skills.

You can target vocabulary skills using any activity. 

A variety of goals can be addressed, such as commenting, requesting, and asking questions.

Bring these with you when you head to the classroom, or use them in your speech therapy room.

This picture shows speech therapy sentence strips for increasing MLU

These sentence strips provide the best practice for using core vocabulary words in phrases and simple sentences, so you can start to address some early sentence structure goals.

Hilary H. reviewed, “This might be my favorite TpT purchase ever,  I use it ALL the time!! It’s a great portable resource! Very engaging and so easy to model carrier phrases/utterances with picture support. Very helpful in getting classroom teachers on board with modeling.  I have posted some of these carrier phrases in relevant areas of classrooms to promote communication opportunities.  Thank you for this comprehensive resource. I absolutely love it.”

Basic Concepts Activity

This basic concepts activity is a fun way to target this important skill!

It includes 48 total cards.

You can pair this activity with a magnetic wand and chips.

Use it for easy progress monitoring or as a quick activity during your session.

Katherine H. reviewed, “This activity was very engaging for my speech students and helpful for me to collect data.  I have a group of students that are each working on a different basic concept goal.  I gave them each a different set of cards based on their goal but it was nice that they were all able to do the same activity. They used magnetic chips and a “magic” magnetic wand to wipe the cards afterward.  I prepped this once but have already used it multiple times!  Thank you!”

Parent Handouts for Core Vocabulary

These parent handouts for core vocabulary can be used all school year!

That’s because they are themed for each season.

Many core words are addressed, such as:

  • want
  • all done
  • more
  • stop
  • go
  • mine
  • in
  • out
  • turn
  • up
  • down
  • play
  • and more!

These parent handouts make carryover easy.

A family member can help a student practice communication skills at home. 

Tiffany B. reviewed, “My SLP colleague and I implemented a core word of the month program at our preschool and have been using these handouts to communicate with parents with the goal of promoting carryover to the home environment. Parents have provided positive feedback about the suggestions in the handouts!”

Articulation and Phonology Activities

If you need help making articulation and phonology therapy more fun and effective, take a closer look at these activities!

S-Blend Snakes

If you’re working with young students, there’s a good chance your speech therapy lesson plans for preschool will include targeting s-blends.

This activity is so much fun!

It can be paired with play dough, mini objects, or a magnetic wand and chips.

This picture shows a preschool speech therapy activity for articulation

Your student can practice a target word and then smash play-doh on the circle.

Multisyllabic Words

Does your student need to target weak syllable deletion?

These multisyllabic word cards are a personal favorite.

That’s because it provides simple visuals so young children can easily understand how the words “break down” into small units.

This is a multisyllabic word activity for speech therapy to target weak syllable deletion

Speech therapists can use these with students who have phonological disorders or even apraxia of speech.

Heidi S. reviewed, “It’s been fun seeing kids’ eyes light up when they say their big words well. Engaging and fun for preschool speech.”

K Articulation Program

It’s a good idea to have a plan for targeting velars when working with preschoolers!

The K Articulation Program is the answer for busy SLPs.

It includes articulation cards, worksheets, and activities for the /k/ sound in:

  • CV words
  • VC words
  • CVC words
  • CVCC words
  • Minimal Pairs
  • and more!
This is a k articulation speech therapy activity

This complete program includes:

  • visuals
  • sound elicitation techniques
  • simple syllable shape practice
  • core words practice
  • velar assimilation targets
  • practice at isolation, word level, phase level, and sentence level

Peri W. reviewed, “I love this comprehensive packet. I especially like the visuals to help the clients produce sounds with the correct part of their tongue.”

Speech Sound Mouth Visuals and Articulation Cards

If you’ve been wanting the perfect articulation cards to take with you on the go- here they are.

These articulation cards can be placed in sensory bins for extra fun.

Hang them on your wall in your speech room for easy -and cute- storage.

This picture shows speech sound articulation cards that can be used in preschool speech therapy sessions

The following speech sounds are targeted:

•k initial, k medial, k final

•g initial, g medial, g final

•sh initial, sh medial, sh final

•ch initial, ch medial, ch final

•j initial, j medial, j final

•f initial, f medial, f final

•v initial, v medial, v final

•s initial, s medial, s final

•z initial, z medial, z final

•voiceless th initial, voiceless th medial, voiceless th final

•l initial, l medial, l final

•r initial

Sharon A. reviewed, “I love that I can just grab this and go with it. The words are great practice and having the visual reminder of mouth production is so helpful when you have to go outside the speech room. I feel like I have everything I could need at once. I really love this resource.”

Check Out My Favorite Books for Preschool Speech Therapy

Books are a great way to work on students’ goals, including vocabulary, wh questions, and more.

I love using picture books to target articulation and expressive and receptive skills.

This ultimate list of children’s books for speech therapy recommends books for younger children but also contains recommendations for older children on your caseload.

This list includes:

  • sound-loaded book ideas for articulation practice
  • story retell books
  • books that teach spatial concepts
  • sequencing books for language therapy
  • and more

You will also find ideas for how to use books in speech therapy.

Here Are The Best Toys and Games for Preschool Speech Therapy

There’s no doubt you’re going to want some grab-and-go toys and games that work with this population.

This article lists the best toys and games for preschool speech therapy students.

From farm animals to flower toys, you’ll be all set.


In summary, this article recommended the easiest speech therapy lesson plans for preschool.

Pediatric SLPs and school SLPs are extremely busy.

It’s essential to keep engaging resources on hand to use with younger students.

This can include materials, toys, games, and books.

Appealing and interactive resources and activities can make it easier to target a variety of student goals in speech therapy.

Speech-language pathologists may wish to check out these best-selling resources to use with their students:

In addition, school speech therapists may wish to read these related articles:

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