5 Letter Words that Start with R: Quick List

SLPS, teachers, and educators- or people who love playing word games- will enjoy this list of words that start with r. These 5-letter words that start with r could be used during speech therapy sessions, teaching activities, or while playing wordle-like games. 

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This blog post provides a list of 5 letter words that start with R. These words can be used in word games

Why Play Word Games?

As an SLP, I am a huge fan of word games because they test the player’s language abilities.

Word games offer lots of opportunities to target communication skills during speech therapy sessions.

First, many word games allow turn-taking skills and waiting patiently for your turn to be targeted.

Next, articulation targets and other language skills, such as vocabulary, can be addressed while playing word games.

Finally, skills such as following directions can also be targeted.

Popular Word Games for Speech Therapy

Word games can test the player’s language abilities.

As an SLP, I appreciate how word games impact overall language skills (including spelling, vocabularygrammar, and semantics).

Here are some word games you may enjoy playing yourself- or with your students:

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List of 5 Letter Words That Start With R

Here is the perfect word list if you need 5 letter words that begin with r!

reech, reede, reeds, reedy, reefs, remex, remit, remix, renal, renay, rearm, rears, reast, reata, reate, reave, rebar, rebbe, rebec, rebel, rebid, rebit, rebop, rebus, rebut, rebuy, recal, recap, recce, recco, reccy, recit, recks, recon, recta, recti, recto, recur, recut, redan, redds, reddy, reded, redes, redia, redon, redos, redox, redry, redub, redux, redye, refis, refit, refix, refly, refry, regal, regar, reges, reggo, regie, regma, regna, regos, regur, rehab, rehem, reifs, reify, reign, reiki, reiks, reink, reins, reird, reist, reive, rejig, rejon, reink, reins, reird,  reist, reive, rejig, rejon, reked, rekes, rekey, relax, relay, relet, relic, relie, relit, renew, reney, renga, renig, renin, renne, renos, repps, repro, reran, rerig, rerun, resat, resaw, ready, reais, reaks, realm, realo, reals, reame, reams, reeky, reels, reens, reest, reeve, refed, refel, refer, resay, resee, reses, reset, resew, resid, resin, resit, resod, resow, resto, rests, resty, resus, retag, retax, retch, retem, retia, retie, retox, retro, retry, reuse, revel, revet, revie, revue, rewan, rewax, rewed, rewet, rewin, rewon, rewth

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R Articulation Word Lists

If you’re an SLP and you need a list of r words that will work better for articulation therapy, I’ve got you covered.

Check out this R Words List for Speech Therapy. It includes initial R words, vocalic R words, and R blends. 

In addition, it provides some recommended speech therapy activities to target the R sound. 

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