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6 Engaging (and Simple) Articulation Games for Speech Therapy

If you are a speech-language pathologist looking for the best articulation games for speech therapy, check out this helpful blog post! There are activities and games that speech therapists can use to target a variety of articulation skills. Additionally, articulation word lists are included, as well as suggestions for apps and websites that may be engaging for therapy. Articulation practice is very important, but it can get repetitive. That’s why speech and language therapists are often looking for fun activities and fun games to keep students motivated during articulation therapy. Switch things up and don’t get bored! These ideas will make your speech therapy sessions engaging and fun!

This blog post lists 6 engaging articulation games for speech therapy. It is written for speech language pathologists.

This post contains affiliate links, which means we could receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended.

Articulation Cards for Sensory Bins

Need a good set of articulation cards that could be used in a sensory bin?

Or maybe you want to place these articulation cards in a fun container, or feed them to a puppet?

These articulation flash cards are in the shape of mouths, so your younger students will have the perfect visual reminder for the correct production of speech sounds!

These articulation picture cards can also double as speech room decor, which is a huge bonus! You can attach them to binder rings for easy storage. Then, hang them on the wall of your speech room.

This is an initial k words speech therapy sensory bin game that can be used with preschoolers.

Cluster Reduction Phonology Games

If you have phonology students on your caseload, you might enjoy these magical-themed cluster reduction games and activity sheets

They target r blends, l blends. and s blends.

There is a fun “magical” theme. This means that your students will encounter wizards, dragons, fairies, knights, princesses, and gnomes while practicing target words!

There are printable game boards, spinners, smash mats, and dice games.

You won’t run out of things to do while practicing saying both sounds in a consonant cluster! 

Send extra copies of these games and activities home so that family members can practice the articulation targets in fun and engaging ways with your student as well!

​By the way, speech-language pathologists might also wish to check out these consonant cluster reduction activities and this list of the different phonological processes.

This is an articulation game that targets s blends. It can be used with phonology students who are working on consonant cluster reduction in speech therapy.

Articulation Drill Game Companion

Are you a speech-language pathologist on the hunt for a fun speech-therapy activity that involves easy prep?

Your articulation students will choose this articulation drill game companion over and over again!

​It’s simple to use.

Just print out the page that works best with your target sound. For example, your student might be targeting prevocalic r

This is an articulation game for speech therapy that targets prevocalic r words.

I like to laminate the pages or place them in a sheet protector, but that’s up to you!

Here’s how it works.

Your student will choose a card from the card deck. 

They will match the color or symbol (i.e. “draw 2”) to the target word on their piece of paper.

Then, they will practice saying that target word. 

So, if your student draws a red card, he might just have to practice the word “four” on the vocalic or final page! 

The Pedi Speechie is in no way associated with the well-known card game, which is trademarked. You will, however, need that card game in order to use this resource.

Articulation Games for Speech Therapy (Older Students)

Here are two articulation activities that could be used with upper elementary and even middle school students who are working on speech and language skills.

​Articulation Challenge Worksheets

Older students will love trying out these articulation challenge worksheets during speech therapy sessions!

They provide a great way to turn articulation drill into a competitive game. 

This is not a digital activity. It is meant to be hands-on and interactive, so you’ll print out the desired page.

Students “type” their articulation words onto the keyboard image on the paper. After that, they practice saying their target words.

This is an articulation worksheet that targets final sh words for speech therapy. It can be used with elementary students.

Want to make it competitive? The first student to finish typing and saying target words correctly is the winner! 

For example, if your student is practicing the “sh” sound, he will have to first type out the word “eyelash” and then say it correctly. 

Many different sounds are targeted, including sh, ch, voiced th, voiceless th, r, l, s and z. 

Articulation Playing Card Companion

Have a deck of cards on hand?

Perfect! Here’s a fun way to use them in speech and language therapy.

You can pair these articulation sheets with your deck of cards. 

Play any card game you want, but just check off the cards you draw while practicing target words.

This is voiced th final words speech therapy activity for articulation that can be paired with a deck of playing cards.

​Your students could also use the target words to practice at the sentence level by generating their own sentences.

One open-ended page is provided. This will allow you to practice any articulation target words of your choice during your speech therapy session.

Board Games for Articulation Trials

Looking for a simple game that allows for a quick break while practicing articulation drills? 

You can’t go wrong with Spot It. 

I simply have my students say their target words, then we take a quick turn at the game with a simple flip of our cards.

It’s a lot of fun seeing who can spot the matching pictures first!

Likewise, your students might also enjoy Pizza Party Dice Game. This one is a great game for motivating students!

Your student can say target sounds, then roll the dice. The dice contain pictures of pizza toppings, and you need to match the toppings to the exact ones pictured on your pizza slice.

Who can cover their pizza the fastest? This game will be a hit in individual or group speech therapy sessions!

​Best Speech Therapy Board Games

Need more board game ideas?

​Check out the 15 best speech therapy games for younger students, or look into the best speech therapy games for elementary school students.

This blog post contains 6 articulation games for speech therapy that speech language pathologists could try with preschool and elementary speech therapy students.

Articulation Word Lists

It is beneficial for speech-language pathologists to have word lists on hand in order to target a variety of sounds in different word positions.

These lists contain the target sound at the word level.

Most are provided in the initial, medial, and final positions. 

The multi-syllabic word lists contain 1-syllable, 2-syllable, 3-syllable, 4-syllable, and 5-syllable words for practice.

Free Online Speech Therapy Activities

Are you searching for free online speech therapy activities? There are many free tools, websites, and games available online that speech-language pathologists might use in speech therapy. 

The linked blog post provides links to games and simple reinforcers that may be useful in your therapy room. Free articulation games are recommended in this article, as well as other links that may be useful for language development.

Apps for Speech Therapy

Looking to head to the app store for a fun articulation game?

There’s no doubt that using an ipad app can be motivating for some of your students.

Check out the 20 best speech therapy apps for preschool. There are also recommended apps in this article that elementary students may enjoy as well.

8 Easy Ideas for Articulation Games for Speech Therapy

Sometimes, a simple game is the best way to practice articulation skills!

Here are some quick and easy engaging ways to practice particular sounds:

  1. Why not tape an articulation card to a plastic bowling pin? Your student can easily practice a target word after taking a turn during articulation bowling.
  2. Do you have a toy car on hand? One simple way to practice is by creating a “road” out of articulation cards, and driving over them! 
  3. Make an extra copy of your favorite articulation cards and play a memory game with them.
  4. Older students might enjoy grabbing a map (or the globe) and finding place names with their specific sounds in them.
  5. Create a simple spinner using a paper clip and a pencil. Your student can flick the paperclip around, and it will land on a target word.
  6. Perhaps your student has favorite characters that motivate him. How about using Canva to create your own Bingo Board? You can design it and add your target words to it. 
  7. Grab a beach ball and write target words on it! Toss it around for some fun articulation practice.
  8. What’s better than tic-tac-toe? Your students will love these printable articulation tic-tac-toe sheets. Best of all, they pair with a magnetic wand and chips. 
This articulation tic tac toe game features vocalic er speech therapy words.


Speech therapists are often looking for creative ways to work on articulation with students.

As this article mentioned, there are many engaging articulation activities and games that could be used during speech therapy sessions. 

Different games may be engaging for preschool students and elementary students.

SLPs might also use easy ways or simple activities to practice articulation. 

Some examples might include bowling, tossing a beach ball, playing a memory game, or creating a Bingo board for articulation practice. 

​Speech-language pathologists might also try placing speech sound cards in a sensory bin. Younger students can search for the cards and then practice saying the target words.

Here are 6 activities and articulation games for speech therapy that speech-language pathologists may wish to try with their students:

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