Look At These 8+ Analogy Sentence Examples

Are you a speech-language pathologist or teacher teaching analogies to your students? Understanding analogies is an important skill for language development. Analogies are used within text and everyday speech. We use analogies to make comparisons, make writing more interesting, and even to persuade others. This blog post defines an analogy. In addition, it provides suggestions on when to teach analogies, and how to teach them. This article explains the two different types of analogies and provides analogy sentence examples that can be used with students.

This blog post provides analogy sentence examples and suggests activities for teaching analogies.

What Is an Analogy?

An analogy is a figure of speech that involves a comparison of different things. This term comes from the Greek word analogia.

Analogies are a form of reasoning and a type of figurative language. A good analogy can help us create a vivid picture in our minds. 

One has to think about how words are related. 

What is the connection, or link, between these words

Students need to have this deeper understanding. 

When To Teach Analogies in Speech Therapy

We need to be able to first figure out how words go together. 

This needs to happen before we can make that next connection, or link, between the additional words.

For example, are they synonyms?


Do the words belong in the same category? 

If students can’t yet identify categories, this might be a starting point before teaching analogies based on category or group. 

This image shows a category activity for speech therapy. Students could label the category for the pictured items.

Resource Pictured: Categories for Speech Therapy

Need an example of an analogy?

The following example of a word analogy focuses on an object function relationship- in other words, one would need to think about what we use a book for, or what we do with it.

“book is to read as a shirt is to wear”

Another simple example might be “plane is to sky as car is to land”. 

This image shows an analogies activity for speech therapy or special education. The student will complete the analogy. It shows an analogy based on the category concept.

Resource Pictured: Categories for Speech Therapy


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Different Types of Analogies

What different types of analogy terms are there?

 There are literal analogies and figurative analogies.

A simple definition of a literal analogy is an analogy that compares two objects that are alike. These analogies identify identical relationships. For example, tall is to short as top is to bottom. The words compared are alike because they are antonyms.

But what happens if you are comparing dissimilar things? A figurative analogy is a kind of analogy that makes comparisons between seemingly unrelated things. One common analogy is that raising children is like gardening because you have to nurture them and have patience. 


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Figurative Language

As mentioned previously, analogies are a type of figurative language. 

Many well-known writers and public speakers use figurative language in their works as a rhetorical device to persuade or make writing more interesting. 

Using analogies or other types of figurative language can be a weapon of a writer.

Peter de Vries wrote an analogy about the mystery of life. 

William Shakespeare used figurative language in his written works.

Additional types of figurative language include similes and metaphors.


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Similes vs Metaphors

Other types of figures of speech include similes and metaphors.

A simile uses the words “like” or “as” when making a comparison.

An example of a simile is “quiet as a mouse”.

Or, you know, “life is like a box of chocolates”. Thanks, Forrest Gump. 

Metaphors, on the other hand, make comparisons between things but do not use ‘like’ or ‘as’. 

You are saying that something is something else. 

An example of a metaphor is “he is a monster”. 


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Why Are Analogies Important?

Word analogies are important because children will encounter them in everyday life. 

Analogies require students to have vocabulary knowledge and the ability to understand word relationships. Cognitive and linguistic abilities come into play.

Children with DLD (Developmental Language Disorders) may have difficulty with analogies, especially analogies involving antonyms.

An effective analogy can help students understand a complex topic. Using a familiar topic in an analogy could be a way to teach new information or present different ideas in the real world.

Analogies can improve overall communication and enhance critical thinking. 


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Analogy Examples (Analogy Sentence Examples)

Want some more examples of analogies? 

Here are examples of analogies you could try with your students.

Category Analogies

  • Hammer is to tool as chair is to… furniture
  • Broccoli is to vegetable as apple is to… fruit
  • Four is to number as ‘B’ is to… letter

Analogy sentence examples for category analogies might be “A __________ is in the _________ group/ category, and a _____________ is in the ____________ group/ category.”

This image shows a category analogies worksheet that can be used in speech therapy or special education

Resource Pictured: Analogy Worksheets

Object Function Analogies

  • Book is to read as shirt is to… wear
  • Nose is to smell as eye is to… see
  • Bunny is to hop as fish is to…swim

Analogy sentence examples for object function analogies might be:

A ___________________ is something that we use to ________________, and a shirt is something we use to _______________________________.

A ___________________ is used to ___________________________, and a/ an ____________________ is used to _________________________.

A ____________________ likes to _______________________ (i.e. what does it do?), and a _________________ likes to __________________ (what does it do?).

This image shows an analogies worksheet that could be used in speech therapy or special education. These are analogies based on function.

Resource Pictured: Analogy Worksheets

Part/ Whole Analogies and Whole/ Part Analogies

  • Petal is to flower as whiskers is to… cat
  • Bedroom is to house as cafeteria is to… school
  • Toe is to foot as finger is to… hand
  • Car is to windshield as bus is to… wheels

Part-to-whole or whole-to-part analogy sentence examples might be:

A _________________ is part of a _________________, and a _____________________ is part of a ________________________.

A _________________ has ________________________, and a ____________________ has ____________________________. 

Synonym Analogies

  • Laugh is to giggle as cry is to …sob
  • Fast is to quick as small is to… little
  • Easy is to simple as difficult is to… hard

A sentence example might be, “_______________ is another word for ________________, and _______________ is another word for ________________.”

You could also try, “__________________ means the same thing as _________________, and ________________ means the same thing as ________________.”

Antonym Analogies

  • Big is to small as sad is to…happy
  • Tall is to short as thick is to… thin
  • Slow is to fast as dry is to… wet

An example sentence might be, “_____________________ is the opposite of ___________________, and ________________is the opposite of _________________.” 

This image shows an antonym analogy activity for speech therapy. The student completes the analogy sentence.

This pictured resource is beneficial for targeting synonym and antonym analogies.


In summary, this article defined analogies and provided examples of verbal analogies and analogy sentence examples.

These analogy worksheets may be beneficial for teaching your students analogies. In addition, SLPs may wish to check out this Category Activity for Speech Therapy, which could also be used to teach category analogies and object function analogies. Check out this Synonyms and Antonyms Flip Activity for targeting synonym and antonym analogies.

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