The BEST Free Online Speech Therapy Games, Tools, and Websites

Speech therapists looking for free online speech therapy games will want to check out this blog post! This blog post contains a collection of interactive games and online resources that will be motivating for younger children AND older students!  There are links to digital games and reinforcers, such as tic tac toe, online checkers, digital dice, and even a fireworks switch game! Additionally, there are also links to websites that provide great articles that can be used for language comprehension and articulation carryover. There are also links to printable online speech therapy resources. These online speech therapy games and resources provide fun and effective ways to help children improve their speech and language skills. There are so many great options available online. Free online speech therapy games can be used to help children develop a variety of communication skills, including receptive language, expressive language, articulation, and more. 

This is a blog post written for speech language pathologists that has a list of free online speech therapy games, websites, tools, and more!

Digital Games and Reinforcers 

Why SLPs Use Games and Reinforcers

Are you a speech language pathologist looking for the best reinforcement games? These websites feature digital games that are definitely worth checking out! These websites contain a variety of games and activities that can be used with preschoolers and school-age children. Reinforcers can provide a great way to help maintain your student’s attention and motivation during a speech therapy session. It can be hard work to keep practicing that speech sound over and over again! Taking a turn at a game or reinforcer can be a wonderful way to make speech therapy more fun. These free resources provide digital options to keep your speech therapy students entertained and engaged! 

8 Websites with Online Games and Reinforcers

Toy theater has a great collection of interactive online games, including tic tac toe, Snakes and Ladders, Checkers, and Chess. Simple games like tic tac toe can provide easy ways to motivate children to practice saying target words during articulation therapy! Toy Theater also provides a puzzle section, which features memory games, mazes, stacking blocks games, and more. The word scramble game could also be used as a fun motivator in-between practice words. The art section has some fun digital doodle dot-to-dots! This free website is absolutely worth checking out! 

Sesame Workshop has some fun games and stories for young children. Check out Oscar’s Trash Launch. This is a simple motivator that lets the player pull down on a spring and try to launch a shoe into Oscar’s trashcan. 

PBS Kids has a variety of games that are worth looking into. Preschool children might enjoy dressing up Clifford, especially after you’ve read a Clifford book together. Hair Studio is another fun game to check out! 

Special Bites is a special education website with some wonderful games and activities that SLPs might enjoy trying out in therapy. The Easy Fireworks Switch Game can be played with a mouse, touchscreen, or spacebar. You simply tap or touch and a firework appears! 

Duckster has a ton of online games, including classic games and arcade games. 

ABC Ya is another website that offers a variety of educational games sorted by developmental level and topic area.

If you simply need to roll some digital dice (or flip a digital coin to see if you land on heads or tails), check out DiceApp.io

TVOKids is an educational website that has preschool and school-age interactive digital games. Popular characters from some children’s television shows are featured on this site. 

This article discusses the best free online games and websites for speech therapy that speech therapists can use during speech and language sessions.

The Best Tools and Websites for Online Learning

Why SLPs Might Use Educational Websites During Speech Therapy

Speech pathologists might use a variety of educational websites to help encourage speech and language development. Many websites might provide current news articles or high-interest educational articles that SLPs could use during therapy sessions. For example, articles written for children could be used to target vocabulary, language comprehension, articulation, and more. 

5 Educational Websites for Speech Therapy

SLPs and other educators might want to know about Kiddle. According to their page, they provide a safe search engine experience for kids. They also offer a kid’s encyclopedia and a safe image search for kids. This could be a fun way to research with students during a speech therapy session focusing on comprehension, vocabulary, and comparing and contrasting. For example, I typed in “sharks vs dolphins”, and the search engine provided me with an article from Time for Kids about that topic. 

Art for Kids could be a wonderful, motivating tool for elementary students and older students. Your students could listen closely and follow the directions and examples to create their own drawings. 

Time for Kids is such a great tool for speech therapy. Search for articles written for kids to target reading comprehension or a variety of receptive and expressive language skills. 

National Geographic Kids is a fantastic interactive website that SLPs could use for speech and language development. This website provides games, videos, articles, and more! 

Mysteryscience.com is technically for science teachers, but there’s no reason that SLPs couldn’t use this website to help increase communication skills! 

Free Online Speech Therapy Games for Language

StarFall Education offers educational interactive games and activities. Some games are free, while other games require a subscription to play. 

Toy Theater has a Language Arts section that has some great tools for receptive and expressive language, including this digital drag ‘n drop story sequence activity.

Pink Cat Games offers a variety of popular games and language activities and language games for speech-language pathology. This is a subscription service website, but it has free games to check out. Try targeting wh questions! 

Speech pathologists can try using Tiny Tap to create games for receptive and expressive language therapy! Check out this Youtube tutorial to see how to get started. 

Need to create digital flash cards? Try using a website like Quizlet

Turtle Diary has some digital games that target language skills such as verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. 

6 Free Online Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

Pink Cat Games is a must for speech pathologists to check out, especially for articulation games. A variety of different sounds are targeted. Pink Cat Games are very motivating and provide interactive activities for speech therapy sessions! My son especially loved the “Feed the Shark” and “Build a Monster” games. These games were both very beneficial for articulation practice. As my son practiced words and fed the shark, it grew larger, which made him laugh out loud. 

Digital articulation build a monster game, available on Pink Cat Games

I love using the free spinner on Wheel of Names for articulation therapy. Just type in articulation words in your list, then click to spin the spinner. It will land on a target word that your student can practice saying.

Printable Online Speech Therapy Activities

These websites contain great printable worksheets, activities, and board games that speech-language pathologists could print out to use in speech therapy. Hands-on, printable activities and worksheets can always be paired with digital games and activities as well. Check out the websites provided to find new materials to use during a speech and language session. These worksheets target a variety of speech and language objectives, including irregular past tense verbs, idioms, conjunctions, prepositions, and more. In addition, there are some graphic organizer worksheets that can assist with story retelling and describing similarities and differences between two items. 

The website Free Language Stuff contains free printable worksheets that can be used in speech therapy. Topics include irregular past tense verbs, idioms, conjunctions, and more.

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) contains a variety of free and paid speech and language activities that SLPs can use for speech therapy. Check out my TpT store here! 

The Pedi Speechie on Teachers Pay Teachers- speech therapy materials and activities

I love MeddyBemps for spatial concepts! There are printables included which provide a great way to teach your students prepositions. 

Need some printable graphic organizers? Check out this Venn diagram from ReadWriteThink! Venn diagrams can be used when describing similarities and differences between two items. Another great organizer includes this essay map to provide main idea and details.

Elementary students would benefit from filling out this story map worksheet from Education.com. This is another story elements worksheet that SLPs might wish to try out during a speech therapy session. This can be useful when students are working on retelling stories during a speech therapy session. 

Teach-nology also offers a variety of printable materials and worksheets, including graphic organizers, that could be useful during a speech and language therapy session. Some options include concept webs and main idea maps.

Online Tools for Speech Therapists

Speech language pathologists may wish to check out ipa.typeit.org, which provides a keyboard with IPA symbols. 

Need evidenced-based information but don’t have time to read all those articles in the middle of a busy day? I highly recommend theinformedslp.com. The best part about it is that you can earn CEUs by listening to (or reading) quick articles. 

If you have technology questions, then the YouTube channel Teacher’s Tech has the answers! You can learn the basics of how to access a variety of online tools and technology to make (SLP) life a bit easier. There are tutorials like The Basics of Google ClassroomGmail tutorials, and more!

SLPs might wish to access free digital books to use in speech therapy. One website that SLPs might wish to check out is getepic.com/educators. Check out more ideas for children’s books for speech therapy


In summary, there are many free online speech therapy games, activities, tools, and websites that can allow speech pathologists to address a variety of communication skills during therapy sessions. Games and reinforcers can be used to increase a child’s attention, motivation, and enjoyment during a speech therapy session. Speech-language pathologists might also try visiting educational sites during a session to find relevant, high-interest articles that could be used to target a variety of speech and language objectives. An online safe search tool, such as Kiddle, could be a resource to check out as well. Finally, speech pathologists will be able to find a variety of online speech therapy games and activities, both digital and printable, on a variety of websites. 

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