How To Use Spot It! In Your Speech Therapy Session

I learned about this game from my mom. She was babysitting my nieces and said they absolutely loved playing this. She knows I’m always looking for fun therapy ideas! It turns out that mothers do know best. I brought this game to the elementary school I cover at, and it was a HIT. It’s a fairly simple game (how I play it, at least. I will admit that I didn’t exactly read all of the instructions). All you have to do is flip over two cards from the top of the card pile. The first person to discover which two pictures are the same is the winner of that round. You can simply use this for a motivating reward (it was great to use Spot It! between taking turns at practicing minimal pairs), but there are a lot more ways you could use this game. Here’s just a few of the ideas I came up with: 1) Describe the matching pictures (talk about the color, shape, size, what it does, where you might see it- in order words, this could be a great companion to the Expanding Expression Tool) 2) Define what the picture is. 3) Figure out what the matching picture is, and then use that word in a sentence. 4) Name a synonym or antonym for that word. 5) Find 2 pictures on either card that “go together”, and explain how the words are related. 6) Find a picture on either card that has the articulation sound being targeted, and use it in a phrase, sentence, etc. 7) Clap out the syllables in the word, or think of a word that rhymes. What other ways can you think of to use Spot It! ?

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