Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities and Ideas

Speech Therapy Activities for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for resources and activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your speech therapy students? Here are my “go to” lessons and ideas.

I’m breaking this post up into preschool, elementary, and middle school interests, so you can find what best suits your speech and language caseload!

Speech Therapy Valentine's Day activities for preschool, elementary, and middle school students
Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities

Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities for Preschool

First, check out these Valentine’s Day Following Directions task cards. I created these to work on following directions with a variety of embedded concepts. These task cards are great for preschool through first grade. This Valentine’s Day activity includes 68 following directions cards that target the following concepts:

  • inclusion concepts (all, and, all but one)
  • sequence concepts (first, second, middle, last)
  • location / spatial concepts e (first, second, middle, last), location (top, bottom, between, next to, in front of, behind)
  • temporal / time concepts (before, after, then, at the same time)

Second, you will absolutely love my Valentine’s Day Articulation Activities for k and g. These Valentine’s Day activities for articulation are SO MUCH FUN! These activities can be paired with motivating tools such as daubers, mini erasers, stampers, sensory bins, or magnetic wands and chips.

These hands-on Valentines Day activities and crafts for speech and language therapy include:

  • 2 Valentines Day Articulation Words Printables
  • 2 Valentines Day Multiple Trials Worksheets (isolation or word level articulation)
  • 30 Valentines Day Articulation Roses (5 target k initial, 5 target k medial, 5 target k final, 5 target g initial, 5 target g medial, 5 target g final)
  • 6 Valentines Day Articulation Smash Mats (chocolate-covered strawberry-themed!)
  • 1 Valentines Day Articulation Craft (cupcake themed- 1 craft printable for each target sound, k initial, k medial, k final, g initial, g medial, and g final)
  • 6 Valentines Day Articulation Flip Book Crafts
preschool speech therapy valentines day

Make sure that you participate in the #slpvalentinehop. A few years ago, I collaborated with a group of other SLP bloggers. I wrote a story, and they created resources to use along with it. All of these printables are free and can be found on TeachersPayTeachers. Read the blog post about it here.

Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities for Elementary Students

Valentine’s Day Activities for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Speech Therapy Students

A fun Valentine’s Day activity to check out for your upper elementary speech students is No Prep Valentine’s Day Worksheets. You’ll enjoy using these with your second, third, and fourth-grade elementary speech therapy students. This packet includes worksheets to target a variety of language objectives, including pronouns, spatial concepts, vocabulary, comprehension, and main idea. There is also an open-ended articulation option. In other words, you will be able to write any articulation targets on the page.

Do your students love using a magnetic wand and chips?

Then I bet they will love this Chip Flips Valentine’s Day Activity! I created this to go along with my piles of magnetic chips. These no prep pages are a hit in my speech therapy room. The best part is that they are no prep. I recommend laminating them if you print out the color version. I included low ink options. These low ink Valentine’s Day printable activity sheets are perfect for pairing with daubers.

Valentine’s Day Worksheets for 4th and 5th Graders

You’ll absolutely want to check out this No Prep Upper Elementary Valentine’s Day resource to target a variety of language goals. These Valentine’s Day worksheets will be perfect to use with your fourth and fifth-grade speech therapy students. Use these in your mixed speech therapy groups with ease.

These engaging Valentines Day worksheets for speech and language therapy include:

  • Valentine’s Day Causal Conjunctions Worksheet
  • Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheet
  • Valentine’s Day Regular Past Tense Verbs Worksheet
  • Valentine’s Day Irregular Past Tense Verbs Worksheet
  • Story Draw and Retell
  • Listening for Details Worksheet
  • Main Idea Worksheets
  • Cause and Effect Worksheets
  • Predicting Worksheet
  • Multiple Meaning Words Worksheet

Valentine’s Day WH Questions Craft

There is one more Valentine’s Day activity to use in speech therapy with your elementary students that I highly recommend. This Valentine’s Day WH Questions activity doubles as a craft.

Speech Therapy Activities for Middle School

Need some Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy activities for your older students? Here are some of my favorite activities.

Valentine’s Day Articulation Activity for Speech Therapy

Try using this fun Manicure- themed activity! This speech therapy articulation resource is just the ticket to work on speech sounds with your students. This speech therapy articulation resource includes 48 articulation sounds task cards.  Just print, cut and laminate and you’ll have an articulation activity that you can use over and over again with your speech therapy students. Use them in mixed groups and individual speech and language therapy sessions. Your speech therapy students will love the “manicure theme” of these articulation activities. Just choose the speech sound target, grab some play dough and let the speech fun begin!

Valentine’s Day Activities for Middle School Speech Therapy

Finally, your students will be excited to try out these Valentine’s Day Speech and Language Worksheets! This is the perfect activity to use with your middle school speech therapy students around Valentine’s Day. It keeps them engaged and motivated. Many different skills are addressed.

Additionally, the Dabbling Speechie created a free Valentine’s Day Challenge to address vocabulary and complex sentence practice. My older students in speech therapy are always up for a challenge, and this one looks like a lot of fun! Even better- it comes in a print and a Google Slides version. You can find out more information by reading her Valentine’s Day Activities article.

I hope you found several Valentine’s Day activites to use with this students in this blog post!