Advanced Grammar & Sentence Structure Program


grammar and sentence structure activities for speech therapy and special education- perfect for individual or small group centers- targets include creating sentences, sentence comprehension, and identifying sentence parts and parts of speech!


grammar and sentence structure activities for speech therapy and special education- perfect for individual or small group centers- targets include creating sentences, sentence comprehension, and identifying sentence parts and parts of speech!

This program strives to assist your student with understanding- and using- a variety of sentence structures. Many of my students struggle with reading comprehension. While researching the best ways to assist my students in this area, I came across a few research-based articles. One in particular, “The Case for the Sentence in Reading Comprehension” (Cheryl M. Scott, 2009) really stuck out. I continued reading more and more – and it made sense to me. The bottom line: every word, phrase, and clause in a sentence affects meaning. Additionally, sentences work together in passages in order to convey an overall meaning. It encouraged me to dig deeper and try a new approach. I realized it was going to take more than targeting “prepositional phrases” or using a conjunction here and there- my students needed to study sentences using an organized, structured approach.

In case you’re wondering, the other amazing research article was this:

Reading Comprehension Deficits in Adolescents: Addressing Underlying Language Abilities (Nippold, 2017)

This started me on a journey which took two long, exhausting months. I learned sentence diagramming. In the process, I gained a whole new understanding of grammar and sentence structure. Instead of teaching my students a few pieces of information here and there, I realized it was essential to start at the beginning and work our way up towards more complex structures. Along the way, I’ve been able to fill in the “holes” of missing knowledge that I have encountered in both my students- and myself.

This program doesn’t contain a few “parts of speech” grammar task cards. Rather, it contains an approach. It contains lessons that allow your student to 1) review parts of speech, 2) answer questions about sentences which contain those parts of speech (and likewise identify those parts of speech in the process), 3) practice writing targeted parts of speech or sentence parts in sentence fill-in tasks, and 4) diagram a specific sentence structure.

I’ll walk your student- and you- through sentence diagramming step by step, so no worries if this is new to you. I can’t say enough about sentence diagramming- SLPs love visuals, and this is the ultimate way to visualize grammar and sentence structure.

I also added in an extension activity. I realized when I wanted to work on sentence recall tasks, I was asking my students to “chunk” information. It hit me that sentence diagramming provides the perfect way to do this. We were already ”chunking” parts and pieces together in our diagrams. I created worksheets that will allow you to try a new- and unique- way to target recalling sentences. Your student is provided with a blank sentence diagram, and you will say a sentence that matches that diagram. After repeating, your student can then practice creating his or her own sentence to match that diagram.

I hope that you absolutely love this product. I am so, so excited to (FINALLY!!!!) be able to share it with you- and your students. Be sure to check out the preview for a closer look.

Here’s what’s included in this 83 page program:

(1) Binder Cover

(8) Reference Sheets- use these to teach- or remind- your students about nouns & pronouns, verbs (we focus on action and linking verbs in this packet), modifiers (including articles, adjectives, adverbs, possessive nouns, possessive pronouns, and demonstrative pronouns). prepositions and prepositional phrases, direct and indirect objects, verbals (gerunds, infinitives, participles, participial phrases), conjunctions (coordinating, subordinating, and subordinating) & subject- verb agreement

(16) Flip Book Lessons targeting specific sentence structures. Each lessons contains

a) a grammar review,

b) identifying parts of speech and sentence parts,

c) sentence manipulation tasks (arranging scrambled words into a grammatically correct sentence) plus sentence fill-in tasks and

d) sentence diagramming.

I recommend starting with lesson one. Complete flip books in order, as each one builds on the next.

Lesson One: Simple Sentences (subject and predicate)

Lesson Two: Compound Subjects

Lesson Three: Compound Verbs

Lesson Four: Modifiers: Adjectives

Lesson Five: Modifiers: Adverbs

Lesson Six: Modifiers: Even More (Possessive Nouns, Possessive Pronouns, & Demonstrative Pronouns)

Lesson Seven: Predicate Adjectives

Lesson Eight: Predicate Nominatives

Lesson Nine: Direct Objects

Lesson Ten: Prepositional Phrases

Lesson Eleven: Indirect Objects

Lesson Twelve: Compounds: Direct Objects & Indirect Objects

Lesson Thirteen: Appositives

Lesson Fourteen: Verbals (Gerunds, Infinitives, Participles, Participial Phrases)

Lesson Fifteen: Clauses within Complex Sentences (Adjective Clauses, Adverb Clauses)

Lesson Sixteen: Compound Sentences

(11) Sentence Recall Worksheets- use after completing specific flip books, if desired

-Answer Key

To assemble flip books, simply print, cut off excess paper around solid border, and staple in left corner.

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