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5 EASY End of the Year Speech Therapy Activities

Need some EASY end of the year speech activities? In this summer speech therapy resource round-up post, I’m sharing some no-prep, low prep, stress-free and engaging speech and language resources to use in the last few sessions- or the last day- of speech for the year.

5 easy end of the year speech activities - summer speech therapy resource round up post

If you’re like me- you’re literally in SLP survival mode by the time it’s May, and that means you need some EASY TO USE end of the year speech activities. It’s that time of the year when you can finally say “I have 3 IEPs left to write!” Of course, you will inevitably get 2 more unexpected reports that somehow get placed on your desk in those last few weeks, but hey- the point is, you’ve almost made it. Now is the time to finally tackle that paperwork pile, clean out your room, and finish up with your last remaining speech sessions. Since you’re likely going to be juggling schedule changes this month (hellllllo, field day), it’s great to have some options that work for those scheduling surprises.

end of the year summer speech therapy activities

Here are my top 5 easy end of the year speech activities:

  • This End of the Year Speech Therapy Activities packet is no prep, low ink, and the perfect “I don’t have time to plan” option to help you survive those last few sessions. You’ll be able to still target a wide range of language and articulation objectives, but without all the stress of trying to prep during the end of the year craziness. It’s the perfect way to wrap things up at the end of the school year.
  • I love this ice cream conservation skills resource. Your students will be motivated to see who can build the largest ice cream cone- all while working on social skills like commenting, asking questions, and changing topics. It has a fun summer theme, so you can discuss all things “summer” with your students- like camping, or making ‘smores. It’s also easy to work on some other goals, too- like articulation carryover.
  • Are your students working on following directions in speech therapy? If so, this summer following directions packet is definitely one you’ll want to check out. Your student listens to oral directions (or reads written directions) and must interpret, recall, then execute the command that contains a concept. This resource includes 82 cards that target the following concepts: inclusion (all, and, all but one), sequence (first, second, middle, last), location (top, bottom, between, next to), temporal (before, after, then, at the same time) & correlative conjunctions (both…and, either…or, neither…nor, not only… but also). If you aren’t in the mood to prep, just print and put the entire page in a binder- or you can screen share and pair with the Kami extension in teletherapy.
  • These grammar summer speech therapy worksheets are no prep. You can use them for a quick and easy activity in those last few sessions- or send them home as more practice during the summer! These worksheets target skills like pronouns, understanding sentences, plurals, past tense, subject-verb agreement, and more!
  • If your students are obsessed with magnetic wand and chips, you’ll love this Summer-Themed Language Packet for Speech Therapy. There are so many receptive and expressive language skills targeted, and this resource makes running a mixed group much easier during those last few sessions.

I hope this resource round-up gave you some ideas for EASY end of the year speech therapy activities. Send any of these resources home for home carryover with these (free!) parent homework letters.

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